Carsharing: ZITY arrives in Paris

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Fresh from its success in Madrid, the all-electric ZITY carsharing service arrives in Paris. As of March 2020, a fleet of 500 Renault ZOE cars will be deployed across the whole city. This new step for Groupe Renault confirms its commitment to the development of more sustainable mobility solutions.

What is free-floating carsharing?

Generally speaking, carsharing offers self-service vehicles for short-term hire, often to meet an immediate need. Developed mainly in big cities, it originally worked with fixed stations acting as departure and arrival points. An approach now undergoing the free-floating revolution. With free-floating carsharing there’s no more need for docking stations. The vehicles can be borrowed and dropped off at any parking spot within the coverage area. You just need a smartphone to create an account, locate a vehicle, unlock it, drop it off and pay for the hire. It’s a freedom of use and movement close to that of a private vehicle.

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Renault committed to the development of shared electric mobility

Today there are 7,800 Renault electric self-service vehicles available in twenty big European cities, including Amsterdam, Madrid, Oslo, Bologna, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Marseille, where Twizy operates using the TOTEM mobi app. This fleet places Groupe Renault on the top step of the podium in electric carsharing services, a leading position stemming from the Group’s ambition to offer a sustainable mobility that’s accessible to all in order to meet the challenges of the future city: access, traffic and pollution.

As an electric vehicle pioneer since the presentation of its all-electric vehicle range in 2009, Groupe Renault kick-started its carsharing venture in 2016 with the creation of Renault MOBILITY, designed to meet the changing needs of individuals as well as businesses and local authorities. Since then, the Group’s shared electric mobility offer has gone from strength to strength.

Aside from introducing numerous carsharing services across the whole of Europe to help city residents to get about, Renault has used its electric vehicles to take part in the development of innovative solutions and in the emergence of new models. In Utrecht, Holland, the Renault ZOE cars of the We Drive Solar carsharing service recharge using power from solar panels installed on local rooftops. In Denmark, self-service ZOE cars are available in collective housing, so accommodation and shared mobility come as a package. Some businesses are also choosing electric carsharing for staff mobility, particularly on extensive sites like that of the CEA at Grenoble. Also in France, on Belle-Île-en-Mer, self-service ZOE and Kangoo Z.E. vehicles form part of the development of a programme to promote renewable energy in partnership with Morbihan Énergie. And the initiatives keep on coming!

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Spain, birthplace of ZITY

ZITY was launched in Madrid in 2017. This all-electric free-floating carsharing service was the result of a collaboration between Groupe Renault and Ferrovial, one of the world’s main infrastructure operators and urban service providers. At its launch at the end of 2017, 500 Renault ZOE cars were deployed to meet Madrid residents’ occasional needs for an easy way to get around by car, while limiting city traffic congestion and CO2 emissions by using an electric engine. The two businesses had the right idea in offering this service. In December 2019, ZITY Madrid had an enlarged fleet of 734 ZOE cars shared by 325,000 users, and this service will continue to develop in 2020.

Zity Madrid

ZITY launches in Paris

Buoyed by its success in Madrid, ZITY will be offered to people in Paris to meet the same need for instant occasional city mobility. The challenge also includes supporting the development of new urban mobility uses in the capital. In March 2020, ZITY will deploy 500 Renault ZOE cars in Paris. As in Madrid, they will have 24/7 availability, without sign-up or subscription charges. Competitive rates, guaranteed battery charge and smart local vehicle distribution are all part of the deal.

Zity Paris


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