All you need to know about battery leasing for the Renault ZOE

Published by on 05.02.2020 - 3 min

An electric car would not be what it is without the battery, an essential part that determines its range. This key part is available for lease with the Renault ZOE, depending on the distance covered annually, as part of a package comprising maintenance and replacement.

Should you buy or lease a battery for your electric car?

When buying an electric vehicle, soon-to-be owners may be offered two options: to either lease the battery or to buy it along with the car. This choice is worth careful consideration, since the battery is as important as the motor with this kind of car.
Buying a battery is the simplest and most economical option for drivers who expect high mileage.
Leasing the electric battery ensures that the driver can track the part over time, including assistance and possible replacement under a contract adapted to his or her mileage.

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Battery leasing for an electric car: a range of prices to suit all uses

The purchase of a new Renault ZOE can come with a battery leasing arrangement which is prorated depending on the annual distance that the driver expects to cover. There are various plans to choose from.
For example, in France, the Z.E. Flex plan ranges from 74 euros (for 7,500 km per year) to 134 euros per month (for 22,500 km per year) and the Z.E. Relax plan (with unlimited distance covered) for 124 euros per month.

Elsewhere in Europe, most of the prices also range between 70 and  130 euros.

Do electric vehicle batteries require insurance?

New ZOE charging on a EV link station

Most insurance companies now take into account the specific features of electric vehicles, updating their services with new types of coverage. This means that the leasing service is included in insurance policies. The fact that the battery belongs to the manufacturer, and the car to the driver, is already recognized, which makes the payment process easier in the case of a claim.
The insurance policy must therefore make reference to the battery and insure it for the amount shown on the lease. Moreover, if your insurer has its own assistance network, it’s advisable to check whether its garages are certified to repair electric vehicle batteries.


* For New ZOE, the battery capacity warranty is equal to 75% of the initial battery charging capacity up to 10 years following the vehicle’s first registration, 60% of the initial battery charging capacity after 10 years following vehicle’s first registration.

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