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Video: Electric car charging, how to step it up a gear

Published by on 03.09.2020 - 2 min

So you are interested in electric cars, but have questions about charging? With private stations and nearly 200,000 public charging stations in Europe, the options for electric car charging are numerous.

Whether at home, at your workplace or at a public charge point, the possibilities for charging your electric car’s battery are certainly not lacking! At home, the best option is to install a private charge point , like the wallbox. This wall-mounted box is truly a mini charge point, faster and safer than a conventional household socket.
To recharge your electric car’s battery when you’re not at home, you can use one of the many public charge points located, among other places, at shopping centres, car parks, etc.

How long does electric car charging take?

It’s well known by now that the best time to charge your battery is at night! With a wallbox unit, the Renault ZOE can recover 80 km of operating range in only 2 hours. Conventional home charging is more than sufficient for a Renault Twizy. This little quadricycle will be fully charged in 3.5 hours using a conventional power socket, while your Renault ZOE’s battery will recover 30 km of range in 3 hours.
At public charging points, the Renault ZOE recovers 80 km of range in 30 minutes. This increases to 120 km thanks to fast charging points located at certain motorway rest areas. It’s the perfect amount of time for you to recharge your own batteries with
a cup of coffee!


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