Renault Twingo Electric adapts to your life, not the other way around!

Published by on 10.08.2020 - 3 min

With its new electric motor, Twingo becomes even better suited to your urban and suburban journeys. It adapts to your countless everyday activities.

New Renault Twingo Electric is perfectly adapted for drivers in and around cities. Its range, recharging versatility and smart services complement the qualities that already make Twingo the ultimate everyday driving partner. This is how you can really make life easier!

Twingo Electric: optimal charging for all situations

Its 190 kilometer WLTP range on a mixed cycle equates to 270 kilometers WLTP on a city* cycle. Twingo Electric can therefore fulfill your mobility needs for an entire week, from Monday to Friday, on just one charge. The driver can go about their daily business without worrying about having to “top up the tank”. But that’s not all! You no longer need to take a detour via the gas station as with a combustion-powered car… Twingo Electric’s recharge versatility, and the smart services it comes with, enable optimal charging on the most common public charging terminals.

In addition to everyday journeys during the week — where a single recharge suffices, usually at home — Twingo Electric is also at your service for weekend getaways. Every situation is an opportunity to charge your Twingo Electric as soon you stop. From a parking lot to the roadside, at the cinema or on a family day out, recharging can take place anywhere and anytime.

Twingo Electric recharges in an optimal way on the most common public terminals thanks to its recharging versatility and accompanying smart services
Laure Gregoire Renault Twingo Product Manager

Slow charge or fast charge, it’s your choice

Twingo Electric can recharge at home overnight, for example. It can also fast-charge on public access infrastructure, at speeds that correspond to the terminal’s power.
Thanks to the standard integrated Caméléon® charger, Renault Twingo Electric always charges at the maximum available power up to 22kW: a feature unique in its segment. In fact, the charger adapts automatically to the available power so as to recuperate the maximum range, whatever the allocated time or infrastructure used. On AC 22kW terminals — the most common in the majority of European cities — Twingo Electric only needs, for example, 30 minutes to recuperate up to 80 kilometers of additional range.

Twingo Electric: smart services that make life easier

The New Renault Twingo Electric is equipped with a multitude of smart services. Whether related to its electric nature — like the display of the area covered by the remaining range (on the vehicle’s multimedia screen and the mobile MY Renault application) — or not, they make every life easier, especially in cities.
The EASY LINK multimedia system enables the driver to easily locate charging stations, to benefit from precise and efficient smart navigation thanks to the regular remote updates (Over the Air), in other words without the involvement of the user, and to find destinations intuitively using Google address search. Renault EASY LINK also includes “smartphone replication” technology, compatible with the Android Auto and Apple Carplay systems, which allows the user to display their phone screen on the vehicle’s multimedia screen in order to enjoy music and favorite applications at any moment.
The door-to-door navigation guides the user, via the MY RENAULT application, from the very first meter, all the way to their final destination, including on foot, with excellent precision. And, for the return, the Find My Car function offers on-foot guidance to the parked location of Twingo Electric: practical for finding your car in an unfamiliar city.
The MY RENAULT application also allows the user to prepare and plan each journey according to specific criteria, and to send their destination directly to the onboard Renault EASY LINK navigation system using the Send to Car function. The available charging terminals automatically appear on the vehicle’s GPS map.

Twingo Electric vue intérieure

Recharging at your fingertips

The driver can check all the car’s settings remotely using their smartphone and the MY RENAULT application. In just a few taps, they can program pre-conditioning while the car is connected to the power supply. In this way, they can be sure to enjoy a nicely-warmed interior in winter, or refreshingly cool in summer, without draining range from the battery. Using the same application, they can also initiate or program a charge, or stop an ongoing charge if they believe the battery level is sufficient for their needs. A notification is sent to the user’s smartphone once the charge is complete.

With no emissions upon start-up, Twingo Electric evolves without restrictions in its favorite urban playground.


*WLTP = Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure. The WLTP City cycle refers to the urban part of a standardized cycle. The Complete WLTP cycle is the standardized cycle. It consists of 57% urban driving, 25% suburban driving and 18% highway driving.


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