A unique app with a trip planner

Published by on 11.23.2018 - 5 min

In the world of tomorrow, MY Renault application will be the only gateway you need to access the realm of connected services of Renault EASY CONNECT across the full range of vehicles. To further simplify the lives of those who drive an electric vehicle, it will include a smart route planner to help you prepare your trips before departure.

Today Renault offers the widest range of connected services dedicated to electric vehicles on the market: remotely check the battery status of your vehicle, schedule the charging to benefit from off-peak hours and make savings, program the pre-conditioning to reach a comfortable temperature of 21°C when you get into your car and save your battery. Its continuous efforts to innovate and constant exploration of new inroads regularly opens the way for unprecedented solutions that make life easier for drivers.

All the features in one place

For added simplicity of use, all these connected services will be gradually grouped together in a single application, MY Renault, accessible from your smartphone. Very intuitive to use thanks to its colourful and symbolic icons, this new application will facilitate users’ online navigation, offering them a complete, fluid and personalised browsing experience.

All you need to do is enter the vehicle’s identification number (“VIN number”) and the activation code (received at the time of the delivery) into MY Renault. The application will immediately recognise all of its specifications and above all its status as electric, thus offering you the most appropriate features.

MY Renault: constant, ongoing improvement

Available from the beginning of 2019 in most European countries, MY Renault will at first include all the services of My Z.E. application, which allows you to maintain contact with your electric vehicle at all times. Of particular interest is the real-time battery status display, remote charge and climate scheduling as well as remote access to information and tips for optimising efficient use.

Appli MY Z.E. Agenda

MY Renault will even welcome a major innovation: a solution to peacefully plan your trips by electric vehicle. The first of its kind to hit the market!

Other services will be added over time. MY Renault will for example be supplemented with the features of the Z.E. Pass application, used to simplify payment for charging, and those of Z.E. Smart Charge, to lower the cost of your electricity bill.

Other services will be added over time.

The 1st electric vehicle Route planner on smartphones

Appli MY Z.E.

With this smart planner, you only need one app to prepare for long-distance trips in electric car! Drivers know in advance when, where, and how long they will need to stop to recharge their vehicle’s battery.

The principle is simple: from the MYWith a  Renault application just fill in some basic information (destination, number of passengers, etc.). single click on “plan route,” the navigation system will propose you a trajectory indicating the most adapted charging points and the overall travel time, taking into account the charging duration depending on the type of terminals available.

Appli MY Z.E. Points de charge

And no unpleasant surprises: the up-to-date navigation system automatically eliminates terminals that are out of service. When it’s time to depart, an interface with Google Maps will allow the route to be displayed on your smartphone, or, for those who have Android Auto, to do so directly on your vehicle’s navigation screen, through smartphone replication.

Thanks to its wide range of easy-to-access connected features, the electric vehicle can adapt to all types of journeys: from daily and regular ones, to those that are longer and more occasional.


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