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Smart services by Renault

Published by on 11.02.2020 - 2 min

Fancy a little trip to an unknown corner of France? No problem, Renault’s smart services are here to guide you! Let’s take a look.

An ecosystem of services connected remotely or from inside the car

To start with, there’s Renault CONNECT, which centralizes all the Renault smart services. These include the MY Renault smartphone application, which allows you to manage your vehicle remotely (schedule charging, pre-condition the interior temperature, plan a route etc.) and the onboard EASY LINK multimedia system. EASY LINK notably offers an intelligent navigation system, or the ability to use a smartphone — and all its applications — directly from the car’s touchscreen.

An organized trip in just a few clicks

Let’s take a concrete example. Don’t ask why, but you suddenly have a craving for fresh air, lush green mountains and… Cantal cheese. All you have to do is open MY Renault to check the car’s charge level, the remaining range, and see if a charging stop is necessary. The application’s journey planner then determines the entire route, taking this data into account and including the most suitable charging points. Departure scheduled for tomorrow morning!

An intelligent onboard navigation system

Once you’re en route, EASY LINK makes the journey even easier by showing the map, nearby charging points and their availability, as well as weather, live traffic conditions… and even your guilty music pleasures! So, what’s your next destination?