How does the Renault ZOE battery’s warranty work?

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A free insurance contract between the car manufacturer and the customer, a vehicle warranty is a major element to consider during the purchase process. How does this work for the Renault ZOE and in particular for its battery? Let’s have a look.

For the Renault ZOE, the best-selling electric car in Europe, the traction battery warranty doesn’t require an additional contract. The battery warranty begins automatically upon delivery of the vehicle, regardless of whether you choose to rent or buy the battery. Moreover, since April 2018, both options are available on all versions of new ZOEs in most countries where it’s sold.

What, therefore, are the warranty conditions for this essential electric car component? If you buy a Renault ZOE and rent the battery, the latter is under warranty for the duration of the contract. If you purchase the lithium-ion battery, the warranty covers a period of 8 years, or for the first 160,000 km. The battery of your ZOE is covered up until one of these conditions is reached.

Your battery’s warranty is different from the manufacturer’s warranty. The latter, which lasts for 2 years, includes 24/7 roadside assistance in the event of a breakdown as well as repair parts and labor.

The guarantee of a battery in perfect working condition

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Are there any other differences between the warranties for a leased battery and a purchased one? While the principal conditions are similar, the main difference relates to the energy capacity of the battery, which is likely to decline over the years. The warranty guarantees you a replacement for a leased battery as soon as its charge capacity drops below 75%. This becomes 66% with a purchased battery.

Whether you choose to lease or purchase, you are sure to always have equipment that’s in perfect working order. If you lease your Renault ZOE battery, you also benefit from power failure assistance. Your Renault electric vehicle will be serviced and towed to the nearest charging station within an 80 km radius. You benefit from 24/7 service.

Another important thing to note is that these Renault warranties are available throughout Europe, whether you’re close to home or on holiday.


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