Renting an electric car: the smart choice for your holiday

Published by on 07.27.2018 - 3 min

Both practical and economical, the electric car has established itself as a preferred choice for holiday-makers that want to explore in silence and with complete autonomy, especially when the destination is a protected one. Good news: rental locations are popping up all over Europe!

Did you know that it is forbidden to rent a car with a combustion engine when vacationing in Bermuda? Local authorities have decided to limit their use to residents in order to cap the noise and pollution caused by significant tourist activity.

To get around, you had to take the bus, hail a cab or settle for a two-wheeled vehicle until a local agency had the idea to offer Twizys for rental! With its two seats, trunk and see-through roof, Renault’s little free electron quickly proved itself the perfect companion for jaunting along the archipelago’s roads and paths.

A choice solution for tourist destinations

This same logic is already at work in many European city centres. In Italy, for example, the electric car is one solution to promote tourist mobility in a way that doesn’t assail historic building facades or deafen local inhabitants.

In Rome, Bologna and Sicily, short-term rental is possible using car-sharing services, while à la carte options are available everywhere, allowing you to book a vehicle for your entire stay. In most cases, electric cars are allowed to drive freely in areas where traffic is usually restricted.

Benefits specific to electric cars

In Norway there is no doubt: the electric car is definitely the best option for vacationers. Dedicated parking spaces available free of charge, the ability to use bus lanes, free ferry passage, fast charging stations along major routes: everything possible has been done to encourage tourists to abandon the combustion engine in favour of the electric vehicle.

New affordable models

Renault Twizy electric car

Startups, which are becoming more and more interested in electric mobility, are using ingenuity to develop attractive rental offers. In Marseille for example, you can rent a Twizy in a matter of seconds from your smartphone, and at a low cost without subscribing to any kind of service beforehand. The secret? Part of the service’s cost is funded by advertisers who put adverts on the doors of each vehicle. Locals and tourists alike are able to benefit from a flexible and particularly economical self-service rental option when travelling around the Phocaean City!