Electric vehicles: 10 ways to optimise their use

Published by on 04.15.2019 - 3 min

So you took the plunge and chose electromobility? Rest assured, it’s not a huge leap from a car with a combustion engine. All you need to do is develop some good habits in order to get the most out of your new electric car.

Precept #1

of the passenger compartment

Gain in comfort and range

R-Link screen pre-conditioning

Did you know? Warming a vehicle consumes up to ten times more energy than keeping it at a certain temperature. Preheating your car is therefore the thing to do. And nothing could be easier. You have two options.

Via your hands-free card or the MY Z.E. app, preheat or air condition your vehicle for 5 minutes. Doing so only consumes 3 km of range.

You can take advantage of your car charging to perform the same operation. You can even program this feature based on your departure time through the application or from your vehicle’s R-Link screen. That way, you maximise your comfort and your range.

Precept #2

Speed adaptation

Have a smooth and easy ride

Man driving with a ZOE

Here, the cardinal rule of driving is very simple. Maintain a constant speed as much as possible. Doing so uses the battery more efficiently.

Precept #3

Efficient use of heating

Limit energy consumption

Left side aerator in ZOE

For heating that best suits your needs, two modes are available to you: “AUTO” and “ECO.” With the “AUTO” heating mode, you are provided comfort, while energy consumption is controlled. Engage the “ECO” mode and heating performance will be limited to save even more energy. When you run your climate control in “AUTO” mode for 15 minutes and then switch to “ECO” mode, you will only diminish your range by 8 km while attaining perfect comfort.

Precept #4

Energy recovery

Recover energy while driving

Renault ZOE downward slope

This is an important fact to keep in mind: when driving downhill, you recover about two thirds of the energy your battery consumed going uphill. The same is true of braking with regards to the energy your battery consumes while driving.

Precept #5

Use of “ECO” mode

Extend your range in the city

"ECO" mode in ZOE

Save “ECO” mode for the city, since it is efficient at speeds up to 90 km/h.
By optimising the acceleration, cruising speed and braking, the “ECO” mode increases the range of your electric vehicle. Also note that once on the motorway, your vehicle consumes 50% more energy.

Precept #6

Charging speed

Benefit from fast-charging

Charging cable in ZOE

As the battery reaches its full charge, the speed of charging always decreases. Bear in mind as well that the speed of charging also depends on the outside temperature, the number of cars connected to the station, etc.

Precept #7

Tyre pressure check

Drive with optimally-inflated tyres

Front right tire of a ZOE

Check the pressure of your tyres regularly. It’s a precaution that is far from insignificant, as underinflated tyres can reduce your range by 10 km.

Precept #8

Post-drive battery recharge

Recharge your battery straight after your drive

Man charging ZOE public station

If possible, remember to charge your battery as soon as you are done driving. Indeed, a warm battery always charges better than a cold one. This habit is all the more important during cold weather.

Precept #9

Trip planning

Consult the MY Renault app

Mobile app trip planning

It is always more practical to plan your route in advance. Use the simulators on the Renault website to gauge your range and your charging time. Or consult your smartphone: the MY Renault portal shows, for instance, the location of charge points and the overall travel time, taking into account the amount of charging time necessary depending on the type of station.

Precept #10

Configuration of the pedestrian warning system

Alert pedestrians to your presence

The “Z.E. Voice” pedestrian warning system is activated when you start your electric vehicle. It is designed to warn pedestrians of the vehicle’s presence at low speeds. The Z.E. Voice also provides a unique sound identity to the Renault range.

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