New ZOE: a whole suite of driving aids

Published by on 09.13.2019 - 4 min

Beneath the aerodynamic lines of the New ZOE lies a completely remodelled electrical architecture. It houses several advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) that contribute to both the comfort and safety of the car’s occupants, starting with the driver! Find out more.

True to their belief that an electric car should be practical and fit easily into everyday life, Renault took advantage of the new ZOE design process to redesign the entirety of its electrical architecture. What was Renault’s goal ? To make it easier to integrate and provide power to the components required by technologies designed to aid drivers, or ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems).

These systems rely on an array of sensors, cameras and radar. Located all around the car, they observe the conditions of the surrounding environment in order to guide a driver’s movements and improve the safety of both the vehicle and its occupants. The ADAS on board the new ZOE focus on aiding the driver, safety and parking assistance.


A feature like automatic recognition of traffic signals can, for example, helps keep the driver informed of the current speed limit in real time. It combines GPS data with images transmitted from the front camera to keep the maximum speed allowed permanently displayed on the built-in 10-inch display. A high-speed alert rounds out the information provided, as a warning sign is displayed when driving too fast.

Without having to worry about watching speed, the driver can focus their attention on other parameters of driving. In the same way, the blind spot warning alerts the driver when there is an obstacle or another vehicle near the rear sides of their own car, preventing a dangerous lane change when a motorcycle is about to overtake you, for example.

Blind spot warning device


Most driver assistance technologies help to prevent risks, but some can take on a more active role, demonstrating a real capacity to respond to problems. Such is the case with automatic emergency braking, a system that can trigger the car’s braking mechanism if the driver does not react quickly enough to an obstacle.

As for the lane departure warning system and lane keep assist, they protect against any driving lapses that may be caused by drowsiness or distractions.


Last but not least: The new ZOE comes with a number of ADAS specifically dedicated to parking. Their mission is to provide the driver with precise information during complex manoeuvres, and to lend a hand if necessary. Radar in the front, rear and sides is able to detect any obstacles around the vehicle, supplementing the direct view provided by the rear camera.

Blue New ZOE parking

For tight spots, the EASY PARK ASSIST can calculate the steering, leaving it up to the driver to simply control the vehicle’s acceleration and braking. And at the end of the journey, one push of a button is all you need to stop the car, thanks to its automatic parking brake. A nice bonus of that feature is that the space usually occupied by the parking brake handle on the console has been given to a wireless charging spot for your smartphone. The new design has double the benefits!


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