The electric car: first of all, it’s an experience

Published by on 06.18.2018 - 3 min

The bond that connects the owner of an electric car to their vehicle can’t be explained just by ecological or financial reasons. So what creates this connection? They discover a particularly pleasant driving experience, hard to reproduce with a combustion engine.

A battery, a motor and a transmission that makes the wheels spin: electric cars operate based on a simple mechanical design that also produces a new sensation of pleasure when driving. Once inside, the driver discovers a car capable of continuously delivering high power, from the get-go, silently and without any exhaust.

Strong, sustained acceleration

On first meeting, the acceleration is usually what makes the biggest impression. With an electric motor, torque is provided instantly, from the moment the wheels start spinning, while a combustion engine must rev up progressively. In practice, this feature results in a strong and linear acceleration up to cruising speed.

The absence of a gearbox further reinforces the feeling of fluidity. Pickups and passing manoeuvres flow naturally, without vibrations and without jerking. The Renault ZOE city car, for example, is equipped with a R90 engine that delivers a maximum torque of 225 Nm from ignition, allowing it to accelerate from 0 to 50 km/h in just 4 seconds.

Fluid and dynamic driving

driver in zoe's cockpit

The design of an electric car allows for modifications that increase your driving pleasure. By integrating the battery into the chassis, for example, it is possible to lower a vehicle’s centre of gravity, which improves both the driving dynamics and stability. The steering, tyres and shock absorbers also receive specialised optimisations.

The regenerative braking system encourages you to use moments of deceleration to recharge your vehicle’s battery and increase its energy efficiency. So engine braking, more pronounced than with a combustion engine, is often enough to regulate your speed.

Comfort and silence

With the Renault ZOE, for example, the dashboard encourages these good habits by displaying energy consumption and recovery in real time. You quickly learn how to extend your battery life through judicious braking. These characteristics all come together for a smooth ride, guaranteeing the comfort of all passengers by keeping the drive silent and vibration-free. Amongst the different kinds of motors on the market, electric is the only one that is able to provide this balance between performance and fluidity. It’s hard to use anything else once you’ve tried it!