TWINGO Electric: meeting every need

Published by on 05.12.2021 - 3 min

Thanks to its range, charging versatility and smart services, New Renault Twingo Electric is suited to all everyday uses. It can easily perform regular journeys from Monday to Friday on a single charge, and is also ready and willing to carry out occasional week-end trips, thanks to its ability to recharge rapidly on a variety of charging stations.

A typically busy week

Tomorrow, on Monday, it’s the start of a new week, and all the different daily trips that it entails!

In just a few clicks, I program my Twingo Electric to charge remotely from the MY Renault application. It’s so convenient, and I can get the cheapest electricity rate*.

On a Sunday evening, when connected to the reinforced 3.7 kilowatt outlet in my garage, my Twingo Electric fully recharges its battery overnight. The 190 kilometers of range** are more than enough to cover my regular needs until next weekend: the daily commute, grocery shopping, taking the kids to their after-school activities and so on…

In winter, I make the most of the pre-conditioning feature and use my mobile app to warm the interior of my Twingo Electric to 20° while it’s still charging. This ensures a more comfortable journey without affecting the range once I’m on the road.

Weekends with a packed schedule!

Hanging out with friends

For once we’re all available, so we intend to make the most of it this Saturday and spend the afternoon shopping! 

I park my Twingo Electric in the mall parking lot and plug it in to a free access 7.4 kW Wallbox terminal. At any moment, I can check the level of charge using the MY Renault app on my smartphone. On that note, I’ve just received a notification that it’s fully charged***.

While checking out the different stores and recreational activities, the time has flown by! After a few hours, my Twingo Electric is completely charged and ready to take me on some new adventures.

Friends group

A date at the movies

We wouldn’t miss this for the world — a cult film shown at a local movie theater!

Without taking my eyes off the road, I can access multiple functions of my smartphone using the onboard Renault EASY LINK system, like dictating a text message, choosing a song from the music library, or checking the cinema screening times online.

Upon arrival at our destination, I park and plug my Twingo Electric into an 11 kW AC terminal in front of the movie theater.

After the show, we stroll around the small streets, enjoying the charm of the city on foot. The Find My Car function on the MY Renault app is at hand to guide us back to our parking space.

Our escapade was long enough for my Twingo Electric to regain its maximum range.


Visiting a new exhibition

I’m using a free day to see an artist exhibiting for the first time in the area!

I enter the gallery’s address on my smartphone’s MY Renault app and send it directly to the Renault EASY LINK navigation system onboard my Twingo Electric. It directs me there, taking care to avoid traffic congestion.

Arriving in the pedestrianized center, I park in a space reserved for electric vehicles — as is often the case in cities — with an AC 22 kW terminal.

The My Renault app lets me continue the journey to my final destination on foot.

Upon returning to my Twingo Electric, I’m happy to see that it’s already 100% recharged.

Man thinking

A weekend in the country

For a family celebration, we’re spending the weekend at my parents’ in the countryside!

Before leaving, I enter our destination into the MY Renault app, as well as the different factors that might affect the range. The smart trip planner shows me the most suitable charging terminal on the route.

My parents’ garage doesn’t have a specific socket for electric vehicles, so I plug my car into one of the normal 2.3 kW domestic sockets. There’s no hurry, we’re not leaving until tomorrow, when my Twingo Electric’s 190 kilometers** of range will be available again.

The next day, we decide not to go straight home. A glance at the MY Renault application shows me how far I can travel without recharging, and the Renault EASY LINK system indicates all the nearest charging stations, with their availability in real-time, on the GPS map. Our getaway can last even longer!


* Depending on availability conditions from the energy supplier.

**WLTP = Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure. The WLTP City cycle refers to the urban part of a standardized cycle. The Complete WLTP cycle is the standardized cycle.  It consists of 57% urban driving, 25% suburban driving and 18% highway driving.

*** Available later and depending on the country.


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