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Driving an electric car — a real pleasure!

Published by on 03.12.2020 - 2 min

You can enjoy yourself by running barefoot along the beach on a summer evening, zipping down a ski slope at full tilt or lazing in the sun on the deck of a boat. Or, you can drive an electric car. Responsiveness, a relaxed feel, no engine noise, connected services — see how enjoyable driving is when you go electric.

Dynamic, relaxed driving

Thanks to the electric car’s torque motor, the driver can enjoy powerful, dynamic acceleration if that’s what they want, or what they need when passing or merging onto a highway. An electric motor means no clutch and no clutch means no jolts. Acceleration is steady and comfortable, yet lively.

The same goes for braking. By thinking ahead and taking your foot off the accelerator rather than braking at the last minute, the car slows down more smoothly so as to harness regenerative braking, which uses kinetic energy from deceleration to generate current and charge the battery! This is one of the principles of eco-driving to conserve the range of the vehicle.

Zero engine noise

After dynamic driving, the quietness of the electric motor is the second big surprise when you get into an electric vehicle. Inside the cabin, you can enjoy the peace and quiet, listen to the radio or chat with your passengers. It’s a real advantage when it comes to staying calm at the wheel!

Connected services to make life easier

Driving pleasure doesn’t stop there. The Renault CONNECT technology by Renault offers multiple connected services that make life easier before, during and after your trip. The vehicle is managed remotely thanks to the mobile application called MY Renault, while the on-board multimedia system is there for the passengers throughout the journey.

Via your smartphone you can check the battery charge level, control the charging process, for example to “fill the tank” using cheaper electricity during off-peak hours, or plan trips around charging points and breaks. With an electric car you can easily combine charging with parking: no need to swing by the gas station any longer!

At the wheel, you just need to follow the instructions to get right to your destination. On the map, the connected GPS shows you the location and availability of charging points. The system is compatible with smartphones, and brings you a made-to-measure user experience which lets you listen to messages, dictate your own or launch music or podcast apps, etc.

Once you reach your destination, the smart guidance from door-to-door continues. MY Renault takes over to lead you to your final destination. A single application manages your whole trip.

On top of all this, electric cars are “zero emissions”* since they don’t give off exhaust fumes. That’s something that’s beneficial for everyone!


*Neither atmospheric emissions of CO2 nor pollutants while driving (excluding wear parts)


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