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Video: The range of electric cars

Published by on 01.09.2019 - 2 min

You may have wondered what factors impact the range of your electric car and how it can be improved? The speed at which you drive, your driving style and the use of features like pre-conditioning are all elements that must be taken into account.

The electric car works a lot like the human body. If you run a 100-metre dash then you will, of course, be more tired than if you had walked 100 m. The same is true for an electric car: the faster it goes, the more electricity it consumes. The proof: the difference between driving in a city and driving on a motorway can be up to 100 km of range. That’s a real saving!

Another tip: adopt a smooth driving style without sudden stops and starts. Anticipating when you need to brake allows you to use engine braking to generate energy. Thanks to the energy recovery braking system developed by Renault, this kinetic energy is then converted into electricity, which is used to charge the battery. It’s free, so don’t hold back!

Keeping your range under (climate) control: pre-conditioning

Heating and air conditioning have an impact on the range of your electric vehicle, reducing it by up to 30%. No need to worry about melting or freezing behind the wheel, however. To conserve range during your trip, it is advised that you warm or cool the interior of your vehicle 30 minutes before you set out. This technique, called pre-conditioning, is available through your smartphone or a hands-free card. The electric car is not lacking in resourcefulness!