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Video: In Italy, the Dolce Vita has gone electric

Published by on 05.20.2019 - 5 min

South of the Alps, the electric car is seen as a way of encouraging a form of mobility and tourism that is more conscientious of its heritage, environment and inhabitants. New initiatives are multiplying throughout the country, be it in Sicily, Tuscany or Apulia.

Lombardy, an electric carsharing pioneer

Lombardy, a region located in the far north of Italy, was the first to opt for an electric carsharing initiative back in 2014 with the E-Vai service. With a large fleet, which will soon reach 110 Renault electric vehicles, what E-Vai offers is unique in that it is integrated with the rail network and available near airports.

ZOE carsharing in Palermo since 2015

Since 2015, tourists and the Palermitani have had access to a carsharing services. ZOEs are available in the city’s main car parks. In addition, 16 charging points are available for use at strategic locations along thoroughfares.

Concerned with preserving its historic city centre, the Sicilian capital has set up a limited traffic zone (LTZ), where access is limited to residents and outside vehicles that have paid a special fee. The use of electric vehicles there, on the other hand, is totally unrestricted.

A tour of Sicily by electric car

What could be better than travelling by electric car when you want to enjoy the splendour of the Sicilian landscapes in peace? Having been won over by the range and comfort of the ZOE, rental company Sicily by Car has asked Renault to be part of an unprecedented offer: a tour of Sicily by electric car. As part of the launch of this “Eco Tour di Sicilia”, it has ordered a hundred ZOEs to expand its fleet, which will continue to grow in the future.

And as for the electricity supplier Enel, it has committed to installing a network of charging points near the cities and points of interest that make up the route. Some are being installed directly at the villas and palazzos that offer bed and board: visitors can thus rest easy knowing they can recharge their battery during the night.
And the highlight of the offer? There is no fee to recharge: access to all charging points is included in the rental package!

ZOEs and Kangoo Z.E.s in the shadow of the Duomo

Literally overrun with tourists at the first signs of summer, the city of Florence is also encouraging electric carsharing which is not limited to the area around the Ponte Vecchio. Adduma Car, a specialist in the field, has offered a fleet of 40 self-service ZOEs since 2017. It also has electric vans available: Kangoo Z.E.s that make it easy to transport bulky luggage or make deliveries across the city!

Electric carsharing comes to Lecce in 2018

The capital of Apulia, the city of Lecce is set amidst an astounding network of towns and small villages. Soon, it will be possible to crisscross the Salento peninsula thanks to an electric carsharing service operated by 4Usmobile. It will use the fleet management tools developed by Renault, and will initially consist of about 50 ZOEs. The project also calls for the installation of 45 collective charging stations, to be followed by individual charge points supplied by local and renewable energy sources.

Electric vehicles on the west coast

70 km south of Rome, the city of Latina is offering a carsharing service, rolled out with the help of the company Alea Mobilità Urbana. Launched in the spring of 2018, Eppy has 30 Kangoo Z.E.s and ZOEs available to rent. The city council helped encourage this project by installing 30 public charging stations.

240 ZOEs seeing action in Bologna

As for the northeast, the city of Bologna has just kicked off its own carsharing service, Corrente, in October 2018. Operated by the transport authority at the request of the local government, it is backed by a substantial fleet of 120 ZOEs. By May 2019, a total of 240 ZOEs will be available for both Bologna residents and visitors passing through to use!

Corrente expands its service to the city of Ferrara

At the end of May 2019, Corrente will spread its service beyond the city of Bologna, since 25 ZOEs will be available in Ferrara, located 50 km from the capital of Emilia-Romagna.

Like its other Italian counterparts, the city of Ferrara chose to rely on the ZOE’s well-recognised quality, as well as the expertise Renault has developed when it comes to fleet management solutions. Groupe Renault is supporting other initiatives of the same type elsewhere in Europe. In France, for example, it recently collaborated on the launch of the Moov’in.Paris service, which gives
Île-de-France residents access to a fleet of ZOEs and Twizys for carsharing use.

Copyrights: Giovanni Tagini, Renault Communication