Twizy carsharing in buildings

Published by on 02.21.2019 - 3 min

The South Korean state-owned company LH (Korea Lan and Housing Corporation) has chosen the Twizy to expand its fleet of shared mobility vehicles, available to be used by residents of apartment buildings. It’s a new environmentally friendly and affordable service for households which are often low-income.

The South Korean company LH has acquired 45 Twizys. The public enterprise, responsible for land development and urban planning projects, has made them available for carsharing to the residents of 23 housing complexes in the City of Seoul via its carpooling program LH Happy Car.

Improving quality of life for inhabitants

Launched in 2013, the LH Happy Car project is designed to develop sharing economy and mobility options, reduce the cost of automobile purchasing and maintenance as well as improve the provision of services to residents.
At the end of 2018, more than 180 carsharing vehicles had been deployed to 125 buildings across the country and had been used by over 28,000 people. These Twizys will be the first electric vehicles offered by LH through its LH Happy Car platform.

Renault Twizy: the practical and economical urban quadricycle

Twizy parked in South Korea

The choice of the Renault Twizy was motivated by its small size: it is easier to control on often congested roads, easier to park — a single parking space can fit three vehicles — and it is also very intuitive to learn how to handle one.
Renault’s urban quadricycle is available for use at a very attractive rate of 3,000 won per hour (about 2.35 euros), charging costs included.

Already the leader of the Korean micro electric vehicle market — Renault Twizys represent 80% of retail sales in that sector — this partnership further consolidates Groupe Renault’s position in the country

A similar initiative for shared electric mobility centred around collective housing has already been launched in Denmark, where ZOEs are made available to residents.


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