Zity: next-generation car clubs in Madrid

Published by on 07.06.2018 - 2 min

Unrestricted travel, free parking and the ability to keep your car during a stop-over: in Madrid, car clubs have taken on a new dimension of simplicity and comfort thanks to the launch of new operator Zity and its fleet of 500 electric Renault ZOE cars.

100.000 users

in just six months

Zity is the result of a close collaboration between Renault and the Spanish infrastructure operator Ferrovial Servicios. Their objective was to meet the expectations of Madrilenians and support the development of new types of urban mobility. Launched at the end of 2017, Zity has already passed the 100.000 users.

Zity provides access to a fleet of 500 Renault ZOE cars, spread out in metropolitan Madrid. These fully-electric cars are equipped with the intuitive, connected navigation system R-Link, as well as with driving or parking assistance systems. Their batteries last for about 300 kilometres of regular use. To find, book and unlock an available vehicle, users only need the application on their smartphone.

Madrid: a strategic choice

Zity electric car sharing in Madird

The launch of this mobility new player in Madrid is no coincidence: the Spanish capital is among the European cities where carsharing is the most developed. What causes this popularity? Madrid allows zero-emission vehicles to park for free in certain areas of the city centre. They are also allowed to drive in areas that are usually restricted to residents, as well as during air pollution crises.

For Renault and Ferrovial, Madrid is therefore the ideal market to confirm the Zity’s standout appeal for drivers. Access to the Zity fleet doesn’t require a subscription and offers flexible rates adapted to all types of use: for example, you can keep your car during an appointment, a shopping trip, a meeting or even a movie.

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