Can I recharge my electric vehicle using a household power socket?

Published by on 04.30.2019 - 1 min

A simple standard electrical outlet is enough to recharge your electric vehicle. To do so, all you need is a flexi-charger, after checking that the electrical system being used conforms to standards and has a grounded socket to avoid heating the mains cable.

The classic power socket is the primary way of charging a Renault Twizy. This little quadricycle can reach its maximum charge using a simple socket in only 3.5 hours!

The Renault ZOE, however, is a completely different case. Because of a socket’s low output, charging takes much more time than it would via a wallbox-type dedicated wall-mounted charging station. But it can be very useful.
Visiting your grandmother for the weekend and the only socket is the one used for plugging in the lawn mower? No problem! Your ZOE will still recover 30 km of range in over 3 hours.

Still, be aware that using a conventional socket – unless it’s for charging a Twizy – is mostly feasible for occasional top-ups. For regular use, it is preferable to install a more sophisticated device: either a reinforced Green’up-type socket, or a wallbox-type system dedicated to charging your vehicle. Your peace and safety will increase in equal measure!

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