Charging an electric car: how much does it cost?

Published by on 05.16.2019 - 1 min

Unlike owning a combustion-powered car and regularly comparing the price of petrol at different filling stations, the owner of an electric vehicle can fill it up at home.
That makes it possible to calculate the cost of charging with a relative degree of accuracy, by multiplying the total battery capacity by the price per kilowatt-hour. In Europe, doing that calculation yields an estimate of 2 to 4 euros, depending on the country, for the charge needed to drive 100 km. You should also account for the costs associated with the acquisition and installation of a wallbox type charging point.

If the price of the electricity used to power your car is equivalent to that necessary for the use of your television or washing machine, thanks to smart charging you can lower your charging costs, all while favouring low-carbon energy. How?
By programming your vehicle to charge during periods when the production of green electricity is high and demand is low.

Not to mention that it is even possible to pay nothing at all for charging! In several public places, charging points are indeed available to use for free, starting with those located in shopping centres or those made available to employees by the company they work for.

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