How does the smart heat pump system work?

Published by on 07.12.2018 - 1 min

Most people are familiar with the way heating works in a combustion-powered car: the heat is generated indirectly by the engine. The air pushed into the vehicle interior is warmed by the heat released by the engine coolant. But what about deriving heat from an electric motor, which hardly heats up at all? Where can one find the energy necessary for passenger comfort without sacrificing battery life?

That’s where the heat pump comes in. The way it works in an electric vehicle is similar to its residential use. This heating system is a kind of reversible air conditioning, which offers the best energy yield. The air conditioning mode draws heat from the vehicle interior and sends it out of the front of the vehicle. Conversely, the heating mode draws the heat in front of the car  into the vehicle interior. The result is a 20% increase in battery life of an electric car compared to an electric heating system!