How is the range of an electric vehicle calculated?

Published by on 04.24.2019 - 1 min

It is important to distinguish between its certified range and actual range. The former is based on performance on roller test benches, through a procedure followed by all manufacturers. The latter is the range observed under real driving conditions.

The real range depends on several factors with varying degrees of impact: weather conditions, including if your parking space is in the sun, road terrain type, driving speed, sportiness of your driving style, use of air conditioning or heating, etc.
As such, adopting a “green attitude” behind the wheel, also known as an eco-driving style, will consume less energy and let you go farther.

And to bring the certified range as close as possible to the actual range, the new European certification process, the WLTP or Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure, will more accurately reproduce the real experiences of drivers.

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