How to keep your battery at a constant temperature?

Published by on 07.27.2018 - 1 min

Neither too hot nor too cold: this is more or less the ideal temperature for your Lithium-ion battery. This is because, when faced with extreme temperatures, performance can drop: shorter battery life, longer charging times or higher power consumption.

That being said, these variations are minor. In this sense, the Renault ZOE went through “extreme cold” tests in Kiruna, Sweden at temperatures of -20°C without showing any signs of decrease in performance.
Nevertheless, here are some tips to optimise your battery capacity. During the summer, avoid parking in direct sunlight whenever possible. Likewise, after a long drive, take a short break in the shade before recharging your vehicle. Finally, driving in a eco-friendlier manner is the best way to avoid any increase in battery temperature. By better anticipating traffic conditions, you can keep your battery flexible without hindering its capacity.

And in the winter, when the temperatures drop, opt for pre-conditioning, which is present on all ZOE and Kangoo Z.E models. The idea is very simple: while you’re charging your vehicle, you can also programme its temperature. As a result, your car will defrost, the interior will warm up and your battery is taken care of.

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