How to recharge your electric car on the public network?

Published by on 07.12.2018 - 1 min

Although charging your car at home is the most practical solution, the public network is becoming more and more accessible. An investment in the future, the business of electric car charging is in full swing — on highways, in car parks and near shopping centres. You can often recharge free of charge, too. Many apps  such as Renault Z.E. Trip allow you to locate the nearest charging stations. Renault Z.E. Pass allows you to access different public charging points on any network or in any country. Renault is the only automobile manufacturer to offer a pan-European recharge payment system. This system gives you direct access to more than 13,000 stations on 75 different networks in 5 European countries. Finally, European cars have a type 2 plug as standard. If your car has a different connector, you can always purchase an adapter, although most new charging stations are multi-standard.