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Video: What is bi-directional smart charging?

Published by on 10.26.2018 - 1 min

It is one of the most promising technologies related to electromobility. As its name indicates, two-way smart charging allows the flow of energy to go in both directions: from the grid to the car to charge it, but also from the car back to the grid to resupply the latter. Renault is working on the development of smart charging and its two-way feature with the help of a number of partners in both the mobility and energy sectors.

How does it work? Picture your car plugged in, in a parking spot or at home. Its battery is being charged or discharged in real time to help balance the energy supply and demand of the electricity network it is connected to, whether at the scale of your country, city, neighbourhood, home, etc.

Your car stores electricity when it is available in abundance from renewable energy sources (via solar and wind energy in particular), or when the rate of electricity consumption is low.

Your vehicle re-injects electricity into the grid in the opposite case, so when the energy demand is high, or when the amount of electricity being produced by renewable energy sources is low (little sun, low wind, etc.).

Bi-directional charging has a dual function: both economic and environmental. It promotes low-carbon electricity and keeps it cheap by making it readily available. Note that this type of charging has no impact on driving range. Therefore, your transportation needs are always prioritised.

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