What is Plug and Charge, exactly?

Published by on 04.05.2020 - 1 min

The idea behind Plug and Charge is simple: to charge your car, plug it into a public charging station. That’s the only step! The technology is able to identify who you are and let you pay automatically, thanks to a secure communication protocol. You no longer need a specific membership card; you don’t even need a credit card!

This major step forward is possible thanks to the adoption of the new ISO 15118 international standard, which synchronises the protocols of different electric vehicles and charge points. It also allows for the implementation of two-way charging, which controls the flow of electricity based on the needs of the individual user and electric grid, which Groupe Renault is currently testing in Europe.

Intelligent, easy to access and environmentally friendly, charge points equipped with Plug and Charge and two-way charging technologies form a new and compelling argument in favour of the electric transition. While they are still in the experimental phase, they will be at the heart of the wide-scale expansion that public authorities are hoping for.

By 2020, there will be nearly 200,000 public charging points across Europe. In 2015, the European Commission estimated their number at just under 70,000.