What is rapid charging?

Published by on 08.26.2018 - 1 min

Among the different ways to charge an electric car, rapid (or high-speed) charging stations are, as their name suggests, the fastest. In comparison, a Renault ZOE Q90 recharges 80% of its battery in 1 hour and 9 minutes with a rapid charging station and in 3 hours and 21 minutes with a standard public terminal.

The rolling-out of the high-speed network in Europe is a goal shared both by public authorities and those involved in electric mobility. As a result, these new generation infrastructures are booming. This is attested to by the E-Via Flex-e program supported by Groupe Renault, which is currently putting in place a corridor of ultra-fast terminals linking Italy, Spain and France.

Also note that this technology is constantly evolving. The race to innovation is in full swing as shown by the “E-Stor” concept developed in partnership with Renault’s teams. How does it work? With rapid charge terminals powered by used Lithium-ion batteries. It’s the perfect second life for a used electric car battery!