What is the circular economy?

Published by on 07.27.2018 - min

Breaking with more traditional models, considered linear and tending to exhaust natural resources, the circular economy is a system that is both more respectful of the environment and more economically attractive. Modes of production and consumption are completely redesigned so as to minimise waste and optimise the use of resources. In other words, it is a virtuous circle where nothing is lost and everything is transformed. This broad and cross-cutting concept depends on consumer behaviour as much as the offerings of economic players. The former is encouraged to consume differently, and the latter to limit their environmental impact. The boom in the electric vehicle market is one of its strongest examples. As evidence, consider the “innovation agreement”, initiated by the European Union in March 2018, which promotes the reuse of the battery to give it a second life (the recycling of components or storage of green electricity as part of smart charging).