What is the energy transition?

Published by on 07.12.2018 - 1 min

As a result of climate disruptions caused by excess CO2 in the atmosphere, the energy transition has become an ecological objective shared by many countries. It involves reducing the carbon footprint across all business sectors. Essentially, the challenge is to decarbonize man’s activities. As such, the energy transition affects all of society.

To accelerate the energy transition, major changes need to be made to our energy production methods and daily consumption habits. Not forgetting the contribution of technological innovations.

Developing electromobility is, in this context, an effective solution to many challenges. Of course, the electric car doesn’t emit any CO² when in motion, but that’s not all. It also promotes the emergence of renewable energies (solar, wind, etc.) by offsetting their intermittent nature. From the moment it is produced, green electricity can be stored in the vehicle’s battery.

Therefore, the more electric vehicles there are, the more low-carbon electricity there is available: a real virtuous circle for energy transition!


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