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Connectivity, simplifying the use of your electric vehicle

Published by on 02.25.2019 - 2 min

The Renault Z.E. range is not only electric, but connected as well. Thanks to a single mobile app, MY Renault, drivers can remotely control all of their electric car’s services. Watch a video explanation from Paul Ricaud, the Electric Vehicle Connected Services Expert within Groupe Renault, speaking with ELECTRIC TEAM.

Renault offers many connected services for its electric fleet, now housed together in a single mobile app, MY Renault. These services include the ability to visualise and control the vehicle’s charging remotely. The My Renault app also provides the opportunity to manage the preconditioning of your vehicle, that is to say the ability to heat or air condition its interior when it is connected to the electric network, and before setting off. It’s a smart way to start your journey with the battery 100% charged!

As for charging your electric vehicle, it can be controlled via the Z.E. Smart Charge service, which is already available in certain countries, like the Netherlands. This feature allows you to schedule the charging trigger when the price of electricity is at its lowest and the energy will leave a light carbon footprint. Finally, the Z.E. Pass mobile app lets you pay charging fees and enjoy preferential rates throughout Europe.

A trip planner to set your mind at ease when you set out

Designed for long-distance travel, the trip planner is another connected feature that the “diamond brand” offers in its electric vehicles. After calculating the route, the trip planner provides real-time updates to the driver about their travel time and the vehicle’s range, all while indicating the location and availability of charging points. With an electric and connected car, planning a trip has never been so simple!


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