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Video: Making electric vehicles accessible to all

Published by on 11.29.2018 - 2 min

A pioneer and leader of electric mobility in Europe for almost ten years, Groupe Renault draws from extensive experience in the designing of electric vehicles at an affordable price, responding to the needs of private consumers as well as those of professionals. Eric Feunteun, Director of the Electric Vehicle and New Business Program, was invited by ELECTRIC TEAM to explain by video.

Since 2009 and the launch of its first solutions in the electric mobility field, Groupe Renault has defended the vision of an electric vehicle introduced on a large scale.

The ensuing transformation has been equally beneficial to Research & Development activities, sales and after-sales. The acquisition of different kinds of expertise by the manufacturer’s teams have allowed for the sale of 170,000 electric vehicles, which means that one in three electric vehicles currently in circulation in Europe was designed by Groupe Renault.

Affordable electric mobility on a global scale

As the leader of electromobility in Europe, Groupe Renault offers the most comprehensive range on the market with its four iconic Renault models: ZOE, Twizy, Kangoo Z.E. and Master Z.E. models.

Also present in Korea with the Renault Samsung Motors SM3 Z.E. saloon, the Group is reaffirming its international development strategy with the commercialisation of a new model in China, set for 2019.

K-ZE demonstrates Groupe Renault’s objective to offer electric vehicles that are affordable to the greatest number of people possible. Although marketed at an extremely competitive price, this 100% electric mini-city car that looks like an SUV will benefit from a high standard of equipment.

As the world’s largest market for the sale of electric vehicles, China has implemented incentivising public policies that promote going electric. But with the increase in the demand for mobility – the number of cars put into circulation across the world should increase by 20% over the next 5 years – the future of the K-ZE will stretch far beyond the borders of China!