“New Renault Arkana, the 100% hybrid SUV coupe”

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Resolutely hybrid, New Renault Arkana is the first SUV coupe to make its appearance among the generalist manufacturers in Europe. With its design, electrification and cutting-edge technology, this new model responds to the needs of today. Frédéric Clermont, Product Marketing Director, explains its qualities.

Where does Arkana position itself in the Renault range?

According to its design and driving position, it’s an SUV. But it also integrates the aesthetic elements of a coupe, notably its sloping roofline, more distinct than on Kadjar for example. This gives Arkana its sleek silhouette: premium-worthy but made accessible to as many drivers as possible.

When it comes to size, New Renault Arkana positions itself alongside Kadjar. Contrary to first impressions due to its profile, it offers surprising spaciousness for both occupants and luggage. It’s a versatile car, perfectly adapted to driving daily trips, weekends away with friends or family vacations.

Frédéric Clermont
Frédéric Clermont, Product Marketing Director
With its design and low driving position, Renault Arkana is an SUV with the sleek shape of a premium coupe. With its E-TECH technology, Arkana is a resolutely hybrid car inspired by Renault’s experience with the electric vehicle for over a decade.
Frédéric Clermont Renault Product Marketing Director

In terms of engine power, what are the advantages of Renault Arkana?

Arkana is the first vehicle to be launched directly in a hybrid E-TECH version. This technology, that we’ve implanted in a rechargeable hybrid version on Mégane and Captur, will be available on New Renault Arkana in a full-hybrid version, like on the Clio, with engine power adapted to its size. This E-TECH version is set to make up the majority of most of the vehicle’s sales, supporting our vision, as a generalist manufacturer, to democratize electrification whether with 100% electric or hybrid vehicles, corresponding to all types of use required by our customers.

The innovative E-TECH technology capitalizes on the electric expertise acquired by Renault for over a decade, and is inspired by automotive sport — notably Formula 1. This exclusive hybrid technology is based on less than 150 patents, offering a unique driving experience.

In concrete terms, this means real benefits for drivers of the New Renault Arkana: considerable versatility of use without recharging, systematic electric traction start-up, instantaneous and sharp acceleration… The SUV coupe’s energy efficiency has been optimized thanks to an innovative multimode gearbox, highly efficient regenerative braking and batteries with a large recharge capacity. The result: 80% of urban trips in the New Renault Arkana can be driven 100% electric.

Such efficiency also results in a consumption reduction of nearly 40% compared to a gas-powered vehicle, reducing the driving costs: another advantage that reinforces the appeal of this SUV coupe hybrid! Its engine power adapts to all types of journeys and uses. New Renault Arkana E-TECH is just as much for customers looking for more efficiency with an electric drive, as it is for those who use their car a lot and who are looking for low consumption without sacrificing the feel of handling a dynamic vehicle designed for longer drives.

Renault arkana

As well as the hybrid E-TECH version, Renault Arkana also offers “micro-hybridization”?

Yes, we really can say that Arkana is 100% hybrid!

On the TCe 140 and TCe 160 versions, as well as the classic 12V starter battery, we have integrated a 12V lithium-ion battery. This supplies current to relieve the gasoline engine and optimize fuel consumption.

For example, during periods where the engine is used a lot, like at start-up or when accelerating, this battery provides a small amount of power to the vehicle to economize energy. When slowing down, the battery takes over so as to temporarily turn off the engine and reduce consumption. Plus, when it comes to driving behavior, this micro-hybridization also provides faster “stop and starts” thanks to the surplus energy provided by the lithium-ion battery.


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