“The design of New ZOE valorizes its dynamism”

Published by on 06.17.2019 - 5 min

With its iconic silhouette, state-of-the-art technology and interior comfort, the New ZOE design embodies both Renault’s experience acquired as an electric car pioneer as well as the diamond brand’s ambitions for the market. Agneta Dahlgren, Director of Electric Vehicle Design at Renault, explains.

What was the general design philosophy behind New ZOE?

The design of our electric city car is already well-appreciated worldwide. The idea, therefore, was not to question this but, on the contrary, to assert its character while making use of its freshness and original charm. The objective was also to reflect the vehicle’s dynamism, as well as to generally improve its technical performance.

New Renault ZOE

We redesigned the front, for example, to accommodate our move to 100% LED lights for the exterior and the introduction of fog lights. The interior contains an entirely new dashboard in a soft-touch matt material which reinforces the feeling of comfort and allows the driver to make the most of the integrated 10-inch screen.

The design accentuates all the new additions introduced onboard the New ZOE in order to offer the optimum quality experience. It also reflects the way in which the car has evolved: while ZOE hasn’t aged a bit, she has grown in personality, expressiveness and character.

What are the main ways in which the exterior design has evolved?

Agneta Dahlgren
Agneta Dahlgren, Director of Electric Vehicle Design at Renault

We have redesigned several elements in order to reinforce both the brand identity and New ZOE’s modernity. The entire front of the vehicle is unique. The hood, LED headlights, front panel and bumper have been reworked to better position the car over the ground. Its dimensions haven’t changed and yet New ZOE feels bigger, sitting squarely over its wheels. The new taillights also contribute to this impression thanks to the introduction of a new bright horizontal signature.

These new, more assertive lines provide visual support to the vehicle’s agility, its ease on the road and its dynamism. The shapes and details have been worked on with precision, with multiple elements outlined in chrome. New ZOE proudly flies the flag of the European leader in electric mobility!

In parallel, New ZOE also adopts the same aesthetics as the Group’s latest models, which explains her slight family resemblance to the New Clio. The new LED lights, for example, use the same luminous signature C-shape which is now one of the distinctive elements of the Renault brand identity. Blue borders around various elements of the exterior and interior design highlight the car’s electric nature.

How does the new interior contribute to comfort?

New ZOE cabin

Compared to the previous generation, the interior of New ZOE has changed even more than its exterior. The interior’s design emphasizes its technical nature, its quality and comfort – always with the drivers and passengers as our primary focus! The technological innovations in New ZOE, like the 10-inch driver’s screen (available from entry level specifications), the new touch-screen multimedia display, the automatic parking brake and the “e-shifter” electronic gear lever, are all found within the modern and user-friendly interior.

The interior’s design emphasizes its technical nature, its quality and comfort - always with the drivers and passengers as our primary focus!
Agneta Dahlgren Director of Electric Vehicle Design at Renault

We worked a lot on the materials and assembly so that the finishings would be of the upmost quality, with thin chrome lines outlining the controls and vents. The dashboard is decorated with a horizontal band in the same fabric as the upholstery, which adds to the pleasant, welcoming ambiance. The central console is dressed in the same material, ensuring optimal comfort at every touch. It also contains practical storage options, with a space designed to hold loose change and other items, another for a smartphone with inductive charging, and two easily accessible large cup holders.

Multiple details contribute to the vehicle’s overall comfort and spaciousness: for example, the acoustic windshield, the USB ports for passengers, the semi-convertible back seats and the false floor for the recharge cable in the trunk.

On the ZEN finishings we used upholstery made from 100% recycled materials, for which Renault developed an exclusive manufacturing process enabling the reuse of safety belt scrap materials. Both inside and out, the numerous evolutions in Nouvelle ZOE’s design all testify to an even greater attention to detail!


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