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The electric car’s advantage when driving

Published by on 02.20.2019 - 3 min

If their silence and lack of emissions when being used are the 1st things that come to mind, their strong acceleration, nimble handling and acoustic qualities are some of the other advantages that users of electric vehicles cite over and over again. Learn more with Valentin Gasq, Sales Representative for Renault Retail Group at Boulogne-Billancourt, near Paris, and today’s ELECTRIC TEAM invitee.

With an electric car, drivers can achieve a perfect state of zen! As soon as they start up, electric cars wow with their absence of noise or vibrations, creating an excellent acoustic environment. These sound qualities most notably allow users to fully enjoy the various audio equipment installed on board.

Another electric car advantage that has an impact on your driving pleasure, and not insignificantly, is the torquey engine. The presence of an electric motor and the lack of gearbox enhance the dynamic qualities of the vehicle. For the driver, that means their pleasure behind the wheel is also improved.

Smooth driving and regenerative braking: two ways to prolong your driving pleasure

Taking advantage of your ZOE’s power acceleration is well and good, but jolty driving, not so much.
To boost the range of your car, it is advisable to anticipate the surprises you might encounter on the road so as to adopt a smooth driving style.

Regenerative braking also lets you drive for longer. Thanks to this technology, which all of Renault’s electric models come equipped with, the kinetic energy stored during deceleration is converted into electricity. In short, the more the driver uses the engine brake, the more range the car recovers. That’s all you need to enjoy being behind the wheel of your Renault electric vehicle even more!


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