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The electric vehicle ecosystem

Published by on 05.14.2019 - 3 min

A pioneer and leader of the European market, Renault is actively participating in the development of a true electric vehicle ecosystem. Watch a video explanation from Emmanuel Bouvier, Commercial Director, Electric Vehicles for Groupe Renault, invited today by the ELECTRIC TEAM.

Since launching its first electric vehicles in 2011, Groupe Renault has significantly evolved its commercial and partnership policies to better address the needs of its customers and the constraints related to using an electric car.
As an example, on the issue of charging, one of the major concerns of electric vehicles users, Groupe Renault continues to forge partnerships with energy providers, charge point suppliers and even local authorities.

The intended goal is clear: to make life easier for drivers and release the brakes on switching to electric by offering diversified charging solutions, be it at home, on the road or at the workplace.

Groupe Renault: from car manufacturer to energy player

The construction of an electric vehicle ecosystem must help the development of innovative services for those who favour the use of this technology. For one example of an initiative Groupe Renault is taking part in: on Belle-Île-en-Mer, the diamond company has joined forces with local energy companies and local authorities to reduce the area’s dependence on fossil fuels and to make it a smart island.

Specifically, solar panels placed on the roofs of public buildings are, for example, connected to charge points for the use of the electric vehicle fleet deployed by Renault Mobility.
At the same time, a system of smart charging triggers the charging of electric cars when the building is producing more energy than it can consume.

Tomorrow, with the advent of two-way smart charging, it will be possible to send a portion of the energy stored in the car’s battery back into the grid. These are some of the innovations that contribute to balancing electricity’s supply and demand, and thus the development of renewable energy sources.


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