Philippe Brunet: “E-TECH technology multiplies the possibilities of electric journeys”

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Synonymous with enjoyable driving and energy savings, the models Clio E-TECH Hybrid (hybrid) and Megane & Captur E-TECH Plug-in Hybrid (rechargeable hybrid) have arrived at Renault. They mark the entry of a range of electrified vehicles of a standard such that the market has never seen before. Philippe Brunet, Director of Combustion and Electric Powertrain Groups at Groupe Renault, explains all their qualities.

Why has Groupe Renault launched into hybrid engines?

For us, it’s logical.

Over the past decade, Groupe Renault has been involved in promoting electric mobility to make it more accessible to everyone. In addition to our 100% electric vehicles, we have sought to expand our range by adding hybrid and rechargeable hybrid engines in order to reach an increasingly wide public. As a generalist manufacturer, and an electric expert, Groupe Renault is in the best position to offer a maximum number of people a maximum of possibilities for electric travel.

The E-TECH models — hybrid or rechargeable hybrid Clio, Captur and Megane — are available at accessible prices, offering solutions to all the needs that are not yet covered by 100% electric power: if the driver often has to undertake unplanned long journeys, or if they want to have one car for all the potential needs of their household, for example. Thanks to the E-TECH range, the benefits of electric driving can be shared widely.

Portrait of Philippe Brunet
Philippe Brunet, Director of Combustion and Electric Powertrain Groups at Groupe Renault
E-TECH and E-TECH Plug-in are not simply electrified combustion engines. The driver enjoys a whole new driving experience, unique to electric!
Philippe Brunet Director of Combustion and Electric Powertrain Groups at Groupe Renault

What role does Renault’s electric expertise play in E-TECH technology?

E-TECH benefits from our electric expertise, but also from our expertise in Formula One.

Groupe Renault is the pioneer of 100% electric vehicles in Europe. We’re ahead of the game in multiple fields: from motor design, battery energy efficiency and energy recuperation during braking, to system and vehicle production, commercial knowledge and after-sales services. With this expertise to hand, we have been able to develop the E-TECH powertrains — hybrid and rechargeable hybrid — on our most popular models: Clio, Captur and Megane.

As for Formula One, the development of a hybrid engine for the 2014 season by the Renault DP World F1 Team has very clearly also benefited these models. Today, on E-TECH, we find the same racecar architecture, combining a combustion-powered engine with two electric motors: one for traction, the other as an alternator-starter, for a 100% electric start-up. There is also a “dog clutch” gearbox which replaces mechanical synchronizers with the precise control of electric machinery.

The result: the Renault E-TECH engineering is a real innovation incubator, resulting in no less than 150 patents, making our technology unique to the market.


In what ways are the Groupe Renault hybrid and rechargeable hybrid powertrains unique to the market?

The E-TECH models are unique from a technology point of view, and therefore unique in terms of customer experience. The innovations resulting from our dual experience in electric and Formula One provide direct benefits to the mechanical efficiency, dedicated to the enjoyment of driving and economizing running costs.

Acceleration is immediate upon start-up thanks to the systematically 100% electric traction and absence of a clutch. The drive is dynamic and supple, gear changes are smooth, and the vehicle responds even to high demands without any surge from the combustion engine.

Thanks to the extended electric range, the driving experience is as dynamic as it is smooth. Available immediately, the torque allows for accelerations and swift pick-ups right from the lowest speed. The power of the electric motor converts into acceleration without jolts. All this in perfect silence. The drivers can fully enjoy the 100% electric mode for up to 80% of their time behind the wheel of a hybrid E-TECH model, and up to 65 extra kilometers in a rechargeable hybrid E-TECH model, for principally urban trips.

Here, enjoyment goes hand in hand with moderation. The electric drive, multi-mode gearbox, regenerative braking and large battery recharge capacity all contribute to significant energy economy compared to combustion-powered vehicles. This comes out at around 40% less consumption on an urban cycle for a hybrid E-TECH model, and of course well above that for a rechargeable hybrid E-TECH model. Remember that the European average for everyday trips does not exceed 45 kilometers. A daily recharge therefore provides the opportunity to drive 100% electric every day, in other words an energy budget of next to nothing.

E-tech Renault

Will E-TECH technology, available on Renault’s most iconic cars today, provide answers to mobility questions of the future?

Yes, because not only is it cutting edge — it’s adaptable.

Our E-TECH Powertrain Group technology allows us to create both hybrid and rechargeable hybrid models. Different-sized batteries can be integrated within: in a reduced format on the E-TECH hybrid models to make real savings on running costs; and larger on the rechargeable hybrid E-TECH Plug-in models for longer electric-powered journeys. This versatility is accompanied by the streamlining of production costs, resulting in especially competitive prices for our customers.

But that’s not all. The system is sufficiently adaptable to be extended onto future vehicles of different sizes, through the simple modification of one or several components (combustion engine, electric machinery, transmission or battery.) The composition of each model can therefore also be enhanced according to the same principle. Thanks to E-TECH, we are able to rapidly support the evolution of our customers’ needs.

A reduction in automotive emissions, running costs and excellent performances therefore await a maximum number of drivers.


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