Appy, the “100% electric vehicle village” by Renault ZOE

Published by on 10.27.2020 - 2 min

Renault has created an unusual and unprecedented concept, the first "100% electric vehicle" village in France. A dozen new ZOE electric vehicles have been loaned to the inhabitants of the small village of Appy in the Ariège to accompany them in their daily lives. And thus demonstrate the usefulness of electric mobility, well beyond the cities, even in unsuspected places!

“Here we go!” they exclaimed from behind the wheel of their ZOE. The inhabitants of Appy – a picturesque town in the Ariège region – are cheerful. In this month of July 2020, each of the 11 families of the village receives the latest generation ZOE. A free three-year loan from Renault, as part of an unprecedented experience: the creation of the first “100% electric vehicle” village in France. Everyone played the game and agreed to give up their old combustion engine vehicle in favor of a ZOE allowing them to cover their daily journeys, such as going to the nearest bakery… already 15 km away or to shops and services even further away!

A shared experience  


In love with their beautiful and quiet village, are the Pynarols (name of the inhabitants of Appy) considering the switch to electricity? Or are they restrained by the supposed fear of lack of autonomy? Their testimonials, their first sensations as drivers and passengers of ZOE were collected for a video report broadcast on TF1 from October 5 to 9, 2020 and on Groupe Renault’s Youtube in a longer version.

We wanted a special operation for the launch of the New ZOE. Publicis offered us to produce an original experience, anchored in reality: to make a documentary on the daily life of the inhabitants of Appy with the Renault ZOE. This isolated, dynamic and voluntary village was perfect to organize this test as authentic as possible.
Sylvie Baptista Contact Manager VE

Authentic testimonials  

Impatience and curiosity are present on the day of the delivery of the vehicles. Armed with cameras, the twenty inhabitants come alive. “That’s it! Here come the ZOE!” is heard as the delivery truck takes its last turn in the heights of the Pyrénées-Orientales.

After a few explanations from the local Renault dealer that help to sweep away worries and answer questions such as “What should we do when the battery runs out”, it’s full of excitement that the people of Appy take possession of their new vehicles. “It’s economical, ZOE is amazing” they exclaim at the end of their first day of learning and discovery! Very quickly, Nouvelle ZOE was able to dispel apprehensions and prove that it is ideal in all circumstances and for all uses. Whether for its quiet operation, its vigorous acceleration, its maneuverability or its ability to recharge its batteries easily, it is appreciated by residents.

A societal commitment


Renault aspires to a world that is more virtuous and more respectful of the environment. The development of electric mobility is a solution at the heart of these current challenges. Renault is fully committed to this social challenge, represented at the scale of the village of Appy and over the long term, to demonstrate that electric mobility is possible for all.

We decided to lift the brakes to speed up the switch to electric. We don't want to change people's lives. What matters is the buy-in, the ability to convince and that of Renault to complete its mission of making zero-emission mobility accessible to all.
Laurent Diot Marketing Director Renault France

As a leading manufacturer of electric vehicles, Renault relies on ten years of expertise to break the stigma of the transition to electric vehicles (range, charging infrastructure, cost). Thanks to this innovative operation, the residents of Appy are showing us, with a new and curious eye on driving an electric car, that adopting it in their daily life is non-binding and is easy. If Appy, one of the most remote village of all amenities can adopt it, then why not you?