The electric car: a new playground for designers

Published by on 06.22.2018 - 5 min

The electric car is a revolution in the transport sector. Along with its positive effects on the environment, it offers innovative design possibilities thanks to the space freed up by the lack of a combustion engine. These cars, simultaneously more compact on the outside and roomier on the inside, mark a turning point in automotive design.

A more compact shape

Electric car designer Renault

Since there is no combustion engine, designers can make vehicles that are more compact than before. Not only do electric engines take up less space under the hood, they also don’t require an array of accompanying parts such as an air filter, timing belt, spark plugs, clutch or, of course, exhaust pipe. The bonnet is therefore shortened, and the exterior design is more streamlined and simplified.

More room inside dedicated to your well-being

Model Renault ZOE

The lack of a combustion engine provides more interior space, which means added comfort, with passengers feeling less cramped, and more storage space.

As for the battery, many designers have made sure that it doesn’t encroach onto the freed-up space. In the case of the ZOE, the battery is placed under the floor. Slightly raising the seats and the roof means that the position of the battery has almost no impact on the available space inside.

To ensure the well-being of drivers and passengers alike, designers made human experience the driving principle of their design, creating a serene interior—like a connected, quiet cocoon. For instance, the chosen interior fabric is soft to the touch.

Innovative design

Renault Zoe white design car exposition

To usher in this technological revolution, designers are opting first and foremost for aesthetics that embody modernity and smoothness. Electric cars feature a clean and futuristic design. This style gets them noticed on the road and makes them stand out from combustion engine cars.

For example, the ZOE design embodies infinite movement, thanks to its angle-free lines. Its bonnet stands out with its bold shape and its blue logo, while its headlights and tinted windows further highlight its electric style.

As soon as it launched in 2013 the Renault ZOE won the Red Dot Product Design Award, one of the most prestigious international awards of its kind, along with a host of other distinctions including the Automotive Brand Contest exterior design award.

The electric cars of tomorrow

This new challenge for designers is but in its infancy. With the expected increase in the number of electric vehicles and the advent of self-driving vehicles, the cars of the future are set to surprise us with their innovative style. This is evidenced by the winning project of the 2017 “Life Designed” competition, submitted by Renault and Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London. This vision of the car of the future in the form of floating glass bubbles heralds attractive, surprising innovations in the world of electric transport.