Twingo Electric: a design as exuberant as ever

Published by on 02.24.2020 - 2 min

New Twingo Electric has the same dynamic lines, playful personality and customization options as its combustion-engine counterpart. On top of this, it has call signs that subtly identify it as a member of the Renault electric vehicle family.

With New Twingo Electric, once again, there’s something for everyone! This fully electric small city car still has all the features introduced in the Twingo range in 2019, starting with its distinctive “face,” now even more elegant and characterful than that of its forerunner.

The front is all about dynamic lines, with the sculpted shaping of its bumper section, radiator grille and headlights with an illuminated signature C-Shape motif. These features accentuate the personality of this agile and playful car, snugly positioned over its wheels.

According to Paula Fabregat, Design Program Director Small Cars & Renault Sport at Groupe Renault, “The chic and fun look that makes Twingo so appealing is a perfect fit for New Twingo Electric, because it enhances its electric character.”

The chic and fun look that makes Twingo so appealing is a perfect fit for New Twingo Electric, because it enhances its electric character.
Paula Fabregat Design Program Director Small Cars & Renault Sport at Groupe Renault

To each their Twingo

Naturally, New Twingo Electric offers the same design elements that have made the range so popular, with certain customizable features for both the interior and exterior. The driver has a large catalogue of options, including the car body color, side sticker, wheel design, interior color scheme and overstitching on the seats. At the same time, the New Twingo Electric also comes with design features that are specific to this electric version.

Electric call signs

On the outside of the car, “Z.E. Electric” badges decorate the tailgate and center panel of the doors. A thin blue trim also outlines the logo at the center of the rims or wheel covers. These call signs stand out whatever the chosen finish. Starting from the Intens finish, the New Twingo Electric also comes with an electric blue variation of the side trim that hugs the vehicle’s flanks and of the horizontal motifs that lend structure to the radiator grille.

As for the feel of the interior, it depends on the color scheme chosen by the driver, who – whatever the finish – will enjoy the silence unique to an electric dive. The pedal shaft is also trimmed with a “Z.E.” motif, like an invitation to try out the various driving modes offered by the New Twingo Electric. The same motif can be found on the door thresholds, from the Zen finish upwards.

Record comfort and a high-definition screen

The interior of this electric version retains all the qualities of the Twingo range when it comes to comfort and loading capacity. New Twingo Electric therefore has a flat floor, a 240-liter trunk and the ability to fit 2.3 meters in loading length thanks to a folding front passenger seat. It’s enough space to easily fit in a few boxes after a trip to the furniture store!

The center console, which was completely overhauled in 2019, now includes a storage space designed to easily accommodate a smartphone in a vertical position. It is now the only model in its class to come with a high-definition 7-inch touch screen, in the Zen and Intens versions. This gives access to the Renault EASY LINK multimedia system, which includes the numerous connected services developed by Renault to make driving a car easier — especially an electric one.


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