Groupe Renault drives the future

Published by on 10.01.2018 - 5 min

The manufacturer has unveiled exciting new ventures in its electric future, during an event organised on the sidelines of the Mondial Paris Motor Show. Groupe Renault is acting on its promise to offer both electric and electrified vehicles to customers as part of its strategic plan “Drive the Future”. Renault also offers its vision on the future of electric in-transit experience.

Driving forward with China

The Chinese market is ready and waiting for 100% electric vehicles, and Groupe Renault, together with Alliance partner Nissan and Chinese experts, are ready to respond to that need. A joint venture, e-GT, was created in 2017 in order to develop innovative affordable EVs (electric vehicles), with accessibility one of the collaboration’s priorities. The brand new model, Renault K-ZE, is an affordable urban car inspired by SUVs. It enjoys all the advantages of Groupe Renault’s major strengths: its leadership in electric vehicles, expertise in affordable vehicles, and ability to forge strong partnerships.

Accessible electric mobility

K-ZE driving in the city

K-ZE, Groupe Renault’s very first A-segment 100% electric vehicle, is the manifestation of this French-Chinese collaboration. Affordable, SUV-inspired, fully electric, urban and capable of 250 km NEDC, the K-ZE features a seductive, sporty design with assertive lines and a muscular, compact footprint.

Enjoyment and everyday use are two of the most important objectives when it comes to EV. The K-ZE will be a pleasure to drive, practical, functional, reliable and affordable. An everyday car that all drivers will enjoy.

Groupe Renault: rolling out electric

Groupe Renault is extending its electric range even further by offering new options to customers: PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) and HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicle) on three of its well-established models. From 2020, in Europe, the new Capture and Megane will be offered in Plug-in Hybrid versions, and the new Clio in a Hybrid model.

This will give customers more flexibility to switch between fuel and electric. Consumers will have the possibility to go electric without having to change their routines. Thanks to an innovative, 100% in-house technology, these hybrid versions will also be affordable and enjoyable to drive.

Groupe Renault pioneers a new era of mobility

Groupe Renault is making in-transit interesting. As mobility continues to evolve with connected and autonomous cars, users will seek a more sophisticated on-board experience to maximize travel time – personally and professionally. At the Paris Motor Show 2018, Groupe Renault presents a serie of innovative concept cars, with the future of transportation at the forefront.

Don’t just travel: experience and enjoy

Personalised editorial content

Meet the robo-limousine with Augmented Editorial Experience (AEX). Through 4 scenarios in a 222-degree projection, visitors can experience how their daily time spent in a car might be different, with the benefit of premium, interactive, personalized content from Challenges Group, shown inside a full-size capsule.

Next to the capsule sits a Renault luxury concept car, an electric, autonomous, connected robo-vehicle, making it easy for people to imagine what the experience might be like in the autonomous drive car of the future.

At the heart of the on-board revolution

Groupe Renault looks to be in the driving seat of electric mobility. With the advent of connected, autonomous vehicles, customers will expect more of their traveling time. In collaboration with Groupe Challenges, Renault presents a vision of what tomorrow’s connected, personalized mobility experience could be. Because access to premium editorial content delivered through unique on-board experiences for drivers and passengers, will, without a doubt, quickly become essential!

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