K-ZE: electric mobility made affordable

Published by on 10.01.2018 - 3 min

Renault's new concept car heralds a forthcoming electric model that's affordable for everyone. Positioned in the A segment of mini cars, K-ZE is an international vehicle to be first launched on the Chinese market.

As the world’s largest market, China’s electric vehicle development plan is highly ambitious. The Middle Kingdom has invested heavily in recent years in charging infrastructure and implemented incentive policies to lower the cost of acquiring electric vehicles.

As a result, more than 470,000 electric vehicles were sold in the country in 2017 alone, while the authorities expect 5 million electric cars on the country’s roads by 2020.

While Groupe Renault is already the leader in Europe thanks to its range of 4 electric vehicles (ZOE, Twizy, Kangoo Z.E. and Master Z.E.), and present in Korea with the Renault Samsung Motors sedan SM3 Z.E., the launch of a 6th electric model gives a new boost to the Group’s conquest strategy, positioning the brand to benefit from the boom in the Chinese market.

By offering a mini car boasting the core brand hallmark, “affordability for all”, on the world’s largest market, Renault is also pursuing its commitment to sustainable and affordable mobility, so that the electric vehicle can be deployed rapidly on a large scale.

“K-ZE is the result of nearly ten years of Groupe Renault experience in the field of electric mobility. This small electric city car illustrates both Groupe Renault’s know-how and willingness to offer electric vehicles at affordable prices, as well as our ambitions on the Chinese market”, comments Emmanuelle Desbrosse, K-ZE Deputy Program Director at Groupe Renault.

K-ZE: fully equipped

With its SUV allure, this compact 100% electric vehicle features a strong and sporty design. K-ZE has optics and a grille that make it instantly recognizable as a vehicle from Groupe Renault electric vehicle universe. Another distinguishing symbol: a small flap on the right front fender lifts up to connect the charging station cable.

With air conditioning, rear parking sensors, a rear view camera, power windows and a central screen with connected navigation and services, K-ZE provides a level of equipments that enhances the electric driving experience. In terms of safety, K-ZE has it all: driver and passenger airbags, ABS and automatic headlights activation.

Approximately 250 km range for K-ZE

With an electrical range of approximately  250 km NEDC*, K-ZE is also very easy to charge because it’s 100% compatible with domestic and public outlets in the market for which it’s intended. In rapid charge mode, it recovers 80% of its autonomy in under 50 minutes. And when connected to a wallbox, the battery can be recharged in less than 4 hours.

K-ZE was designed as part of the joint venture dedicated to the development of innovative and affordable electric vehicles, eGT New Energy Automotive Co. Ltd., the result of a partnership between the local manufacturer Dongfeng and the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance. K-ZE will be produced in Shiyan, China, on the platform dedicated to entry-level vehicles.

Renault will market this vehicle directly but will also make it available to local car sharing operators – making the K-ZE a car that really is within everyone’s reach!


NEDC*: New European Driving Cycle

Credits: Anthony Bernier and Renault Communication