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New ZOE wins medal at the Andros e-Trophy series

Published by on 02.12.2020 - 4 min

This winter, New ZOE made its ice racing debut in the new, 100% electric format of the Andros e-Trophy. The drivers of the D.A. Racing team rose to the challenge, finishing in second place.

After one season during which both electric and combustion-powered vehicles took part in the race, the Andros Trophy went fully electric this year, becoming the Andros e-Trophy. The legendary race on ice took place from December 7th, 2019 to February 1st, 2020, with six trials in six different high-altitude locations.

The drivers from the D.A. Racing team, Jean-Baptiste Dubourg and Nicolas Prost, raced for the first time behind the wheel of a New ZOE designed especially for ice racing. Switching to an electric vehicle was a real challenge for Jean-Baptiste Dubourg in particular, who was hoping to defend his title after four consecutive victories in the 4-wheel drive division, each time with a combustion-powered vehicle. Nicolas Prost, for his part, was a forerunner in the field and the more experienced of the two drivers. The experience he gained during his two victories in the electric edition of the Andros Trophy in 2010 and 2011, plus his four seasons in the Formula E championships, certainly helped him stand out against the competition.

ETrophy Andros Renault ZOE

Car racing as a proving ground for the automobile industry

 Competition is ingrained in Groupe Renault’s DNA. For manufacturers, it offers a chance to test new technology in extreme conditions that can then be implemented in models designed for the general public. After the Clio 3 and the Captur, it was behind the wheel of New Zoe that Jean-Baptiste Dubourg achieved a podium finish, albeit not in first place. The result is very promising for the ZOE, which represents one third of electric vehicles in Europe, and half of those in France. So, what innovations resulting from this experience on ice will we be seeing in future ZOEs? Stay tuned!

E-trophy Andros Renault ZOE


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