Electric vehicles sales in 2018: Renault leader in Europe

Published by on 01.18.2019 - 3 min

In 2018, Renault once again established itself as the European leader in the rapidly expanding electric vehicle market, for the fourth consecutive year. The Renault ZOE and the commercial vehicle Kangoo Z.E. are the principal pillars underlying this success.

The commitment of European drivers to electric vehicles is not waning! In 2018, for the first time, the 200,000 electric vehicles per annum barrier was crossed across the continent, a 45% increase on 2017. Norway, France, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom are the most promising markets.

Renault's share of the electric market

In the same timeframe, Groupe Renault confirmed its leadership, since more than 1 electric vehicle in 5 sold in Europe bears its colours. 

Renault electric car sales

Sales of Renault electric vehicles have increased worldwide by almost 37%. They leapt by over 60% in the 2d half of 2018.

Growth in the second term 2018

Close to 40,000 ZOEs registered in 2018

The Renault ZOE alone represents close to 40,000 registrations for the year, with sales up 26% over the previous year. ZOE appears at the top of sales of electric vehicles in France, Germany and Spain.

Unveiled in spring, the new R110 (80 kW) engine completes the range, offering unprecedented acceleration capacity on main roads and motorways, without sacrificing autonomy.

Kangoo Z.E. : leader in commercial vehicles

The Kangoo Z.E. has established itself as the uncontested leader in the electric commercial vehicle sector, with a market share in excess of 40% in Europe in 2018, and the number one position in all markets in question. Sales of the Kangoo Z.E. have even more than doubled in 2018.

The reason for this success? The Kangoo Z.E. tops all the polls thanks to its versatility, autonomy and its 7 kW charger which enables it to fully recharge in only 6 hours, using a simple wallbox.

In 2018, Renault’s electric vehicle offer intended for professionals further expanded with the launch of the Master Z.E.

One billion euros of investment

Drawing on its experience acquired since the launch of ZOE in 2012, in June 2018, the Group announced an ambitious investment plan to strengthen its capacity for production in France and to develop the future of Renault electric vehicles, pursuant to the aims of the Drive the Future strategic plan.

From the urban quadricycle Twizy to the Master Z.E., via the ZOE and the Kangoo Z.E., there will soon be more than 100,000 Renault electric vehicles on the French roads!


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