Five qualities that make electric utility vehicles perfect for urban delivery

Published by on 05.07.2020 - 3 min

Whether for delivering online purchases to individuals or providing supplies to businesses, urban delivery is one of the cornerstones of the future of mobility. Electric utility vehicles are now the most intelligent solution for facing the challenges of the future, and have several advantages worth looking at.

Advantage #1

A guarantee for the future!

Guaranteed long-term access to city centers

In Europe and elsewhere, more and more cities are restricting access to their city centers. From RTZs (Restricted Traffic Zones) and APZ (Air Protection Zones,) to LEZs (Low-Emission Zones) and ULEZs (Ultra Low-Emission Zones,) the goal remains the same: to keep the most polluting vehicles out of cities. When you choose an electric utility vehicle, you can be confident about your continued access to any and all urban areas, even during peaks in air pollution, as traffic restrictions do not apply to electric utility vehicles: something well worth keeping in mind when it comes to the economic continuity of businesses!

master ze on the road

Advantage #2

Fiscal advantages

A deluge of bonuses

In France, just like with private electric vehicles, commercial electrical vehicles are eligible for a bonus from the government, in addition to the country’s energy “conversion bonus”, when replacing an old gas- or diesel-powered utility vehicle. As well as these national subsidies, many regions and departments offer further bonuses that make it more interesting than ever to acquire an electric van.
Various advantages are also offered in other countries, such as Switzerland, which provides subsidies, bonuses, and a reduced road tax for electric vehicles.

Kangoo ZE

Advantage #3

Greatly reduced ownership and running costs

Lower costs for maintenance and “refills”

With no timing belt, oil tank or filters to replace, electric motors by their very nature require less maintenance. The batteries can be charged at work or in parking lots at a per-kilowatt rate, which makes the price per 100 kilometers much lower than for traditional combustion-powered vehicles. The TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is significantly lower for electric utility vehicles than for their diesel-powered counterparts!

Master Z.E.

Advantage #4

Free parking in some cities

No more parking fines

Some cities in France and the rest of Europe go beyond simply guaranteeing electric vehicles access to their city centers, and offer free parking! No more risks of finding a ticket fluttering on your windshield if your delivery takes longer than expected.

Renault EZ-FLEX

Advantage #5

A wide range of models

Vehicles for different uses

Whether for intercity or “last mile” delivery, these days Renault has an electric utility vehicle for everyone: the ZOE for last-mile deliveries, the Kangoo Z.E. for local deliveries, and the Master Z.E. for larger loads. In the future, vehicles will be more intelligent, modular and connected, simplifying day-to-day activities. Some innovations have already been integrated into the Renault EZ-FLEX prototype vehicle, which is currently being tested by some of the manufacturer’s partners, including La Poste and the Montpellier Metropolitan Area.

electric utility vehicles Renault

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