Renault City K-ZE is a sensation at the Shanghai Motor Show

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In 2019, Renault is supporting the growth of the electric car market in China with the launch of the New Renault City K-ZE, a compact vehicle with a sporty design created for urban use. K-ZE is to be presented exclusively at the Shanghai trade fair.

K-ZE will soon make its first forays onto Chinese roads with the Renault City brand. Six months after the concept was presented at the Paris Motor Show, the sixth 100% electric vehicle in the Renault range springs into life this week at the Shanghai Motor Show. This first public presentation announces the opening of orders and the delivery of the first models of the series before the end of the year.
Renault K-ZE
With its SUV-like appearance, Renault City K-ZE has boosted the A 100% electric mini-city car segment with the promise of a compact and affordable vehicle, designed to glide quietly and without polluting emissions into large Chinese urban centres.

80% autonomy in 50 minutes of charging

Behind its distinctive grille and optics, K-ZE adopts a 33 kW motor capable of delivering 120 Nm of torque. It also includes a dual charging system compatible with public infrastructures as well as wallbox-type charging devices. Connected to a rapid-charging station, it recovers 80% of its autonomy in just 50 minutes.

“Renault City K-ZE is mainly aimed at an audience of active urban dwellers or families living in peri-urban areas who are highly sensitive to new technologies and modern design, looking for a pragmatic and reliable solution to travel without traffic restrictions due to air pollution,” says Yongho Shin, Deputy Commercial Range Director.

Renault City K-ZE is mainly aimed at an audience of active urban dwellers or families living in peri-urban areas who are highly sensitive to new technologies and modern design.
Yongho Shin Deputy Commercial Range Director

Created by Renault teams in China, the K-ZE design therefore meets a dual objective of comfort and practicality, with a large 300-litre trunk, excellent interior space and numerous safety features. On the central screen, an ambient air quality monitoring system completes the multimedia functions and connected navigation.

A vehicle inspired by European standards

Renault K-ZE inside
The arrival of Renault City K-ZE among the Chinese mini-city cars is a first for Groupe Renault… but also for the market itself! K-ZE will be the first electric vehicle marketed by a European manufacturer in this highly competitive segment. “The guarantee of a European brand like Renault gives the vehicle an additional attraction and ensures its quality,” notes Yongho Shin.

Renault is thus capitalising on its leading position in Europe to support the growth of demand in the world’s leading market, in line with its strategic objectives for large-scale deployment of electric vehicles. The launch of Renault City K-ZE in Shanghai comes a few months after the Chinese government imposed quotas on the sale of new vehicles, so that electric and hybrid cars represent at least 10% of total registrations.

Renault City K-ZE will be produced in China as part of the eGT New Energy Automotive Co., Ltd. joint venture between the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance and the local manufacturer Dongfeng. Based on the Alliance’s common platform for small city cars (CMF-A), the car benefits both from Renault’s experience since its beginnings in the electric sector and from the manufacturing cost expertise of its Chinese partner.


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