Renault Kangoo Z.E. Concept: the future of the electric utility vehicle

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This Tuesday, April 23 2019, Renault is introducing the Kangoo Z.E. Concept, a show-car whose technological design gives a glimpse of the future generation of Kangoo.

Kangoo Z.E., Europe’s best-selling electric utility vehicle, is about to get a makeover. And it’s towards Kangoo Z.E. Concept that one must turn the eye to discover its future design. The show-car has undergone a change of style to accompany an evolution of its ways of working and mobility.

It starts with color. Like the Renault EZ-PRO concept car, Kangoo Z.E. Concept has a “Southern Gray” bodywork. Several exterior features are adorned with green touches, like the roof bars and grille. Nothing is left to chance since the green symbolizes the “Work” petal of the daisy life cycle in Renault design, in which this show-car fits.

Renault Kangoo Z.E. Concept: a technological design

GIF Kangoo Z.E. Concept pattern
Light also gets a pride of place as the show-car displays a new lights signature. The glass grille reveals a line connecting the two C-shaped projectors typical of Renault which circles the central logo.
The sheet metal is speckled with dots of light, reminiscent of the way this happens to tools in a workshop.

This more technological design is affirmed by a second luminous line that starts from the back logo and extends onto the flanks, while highlighting the rails of the sliding side doors and integrating into the door handles.
With sculpted flanks, rounded shouldering and marked wheel arches, the aesthetic is also closer to passenger cars, without compromising on size! A style that foreshadows the future generation of Kangoo.

Renault Kangoo Z.E. Concept is similar to an electronic object in many ways, even down to the smallest detail. Many elements such as door sills, windows, headlights, door inserts and grille enjoy a smooth finish. The graphic design of the front and rear shield grilles is reminiscent of the radiators of electronic devices.

The new generation Kangoo Z.E. produced in Maubeuge

GIF Kangoo Z.E. Concept bicycle
With more than 200,000 vehicles in use, Renault is, for the 4th consecutive year, leader of the electric market in Europe. This result is partly due to the success of Kangoo Z.E., the leading vehicle in the electric utility segment, with over 40% market share in Europe.

This increase will be supported by an investment of 450 million euros over 5 years, in the MCA plant of Maubeuge, in the North of France, centre of excellence for light commercial vehicles and future production site for the new generation of Kangoo, in thermal and electric versions.


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