Renault ZOE: a look back at its achievements in ten key stages

Published by on 04.29.2021 - 1 min

What’s the next chapter in ZOE’s success story? Ever since Renault’s avant-garde vision resulting in it immediately becoming the top-selling electric car in Europe, ZOE’s journey in the automotive industry has been unique, rich in anecdotes, and consistently driven by innovation. Discover the story of Renault ZOE, a risky gamble that paid off, in ten key stages.

Renault ZOE’s story is already bursting with milestones, and it’s no wonder! The challenge was a major one: to commercialize the first affordable and rechargeable 100% electric city car for the general public. ZOE embodies Renault’s avant-garde vision. This pioneering electric car combines all the elements necessary for immediate success. With considerable autonomy for a production vehicle accessible to the widest possible number of customers, it spearheads a range of exceptional all-electric vehicles. With each new version, ZOE is a testament to Renault Group’s electric expertise. The objective remains the same: innovate continuously to provide an ever-better, more affordable and user-friendly 100% electric experience. ZOE is also a vital link in a virtuous cycle that involves new forms of mobility and interactions between vehicles and infrastructures — as illustrated by smart charging.

In the space of just a few years, Renault’s initial promise has become a great success, with ZOE consistently holding the top spot in electric vehicle sales in Europe. This infographic retraces ZOE’s journey from its first spark to today.