Technologies, innovations, and sustainable mobility

Published by on 10.21.2020 - 3 min

Environmental constraints, changing lifestyles, changing transportation patterns and needs, as well as cities undergoing big changes: mobility is entering a new era. What role can technologies play in addressing the issue of more sustainable mobility?

The development of electromobility is in full swing, and it is opening a new chapter in the history of the automotive industry. How can innovation and technology support a large-scale rollout of it?

When we talk about sustainable mobility, first there’s innovation in transportation patterns, like, for example, through the mainstreaming of car sharing. Then there are technological innovations such as hydrogen fuel cells and self-driving vehicles. Finally, there’s the development of new charging solutions like induction charging. So where are we at with these?

What other innovations are being considered or tested out? What’s the automotive industry doing to stay at the cutting edge of innovation while putting forward solutions that support the emergence of this kind of mobility? What role can it play in building the energy ecosystems of the future? And how can its innovations feed into sustainable development?

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