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The Renault Mégane eVision show-car is a dynamic electric hatchback that breaks the rules with its new proportions, its bold features and the technicality of its details. This inspiring vehicle, a vector of emotions and a real favorite, foreshadows the first model of a future generation of electric vehicles based on the entirely new modular CMF-EV platform.

Mégane eVision, the electric future

Leading manufacturer in the field of electric vehicles, Groupe Renault has drawn on ten years of expertise to design a new generation of models, the first of which, foreshadowed by the Mégane eVision, is expected in 2021. This show-car symbolizes the reinvention of the ‘compact’ category, continuing the history of Mégane, Renault’s iconic model for 25 years, and bringing it resolutely up to date.

The Mégane eVision embodies an emotional (design), innovative (cabin) and technological (electric) breakthrough in the Renault core range. With it, Renault continues its role as an innovator and creator of cars for living. It thus claims continuity with its history and the successes carried by the Mégane name. It proposes its vision of a future that can already be touched and that will be accessible to all.


A design that appeals to the heart

At the crossroads of sensuality, technicality and aerodynamics, the Mégane eVision embodies the evolution of Renault design, already seen through the MORPHOZ concept. Designed to stimulate emotion and arouse the heart, it blends soft, flowing shapes with very fine, precise details, as shown on its front end. Sculpted, it comes alive with refined optics and a new light signature that takes advantage of matrix LED technology.

The Satin Grey bodywork of the show car is topped with a roof that stands out with its unique gold colour hue. This appears in gradation starting from the front windscreen pillar, giving an air of lightness and floating movement. As for its dynamic hatchback features, they are inspired by several vehicle shapes and made possible by the CMF-EV platform features. The large wheels, the significant body height and the impression of robustness evoke the world of SUVs. While its compactness and very short overhangs bring it closer to an urban hatchback. The roof drop and integrated spoiler are also part of the attributes of a coupe body.


CMF-EV, a new electrical modular platform

The Mégane eVision is designing the contours of a new production model, which will be revealed next year. It will inaugurate the all-new CMF-EV modular platform, designed by the Alliance and dedicated to 100% electric vehicles. The new platform will feature innovations in design, aerodynamics and efficiency, prefigured by Mégane eVision. Agility, dynamism, roominess and comfort will be maximized, and many other benefits will be felt both behind the wheel and onboard.

Above all, the Mégane eVision proves that compact electric vehicles can be versatile. In particular, the CMF-EV platform enables the installation of a new ultra-compact 160 kW (equivalent of 217hp) engine and batteries of different heights, including a new 60 kWh battery. The CMF-EV platform also offers fast charging capabilities, enabling a model like the Mégane eVision to cover distances like Paris-Lyon (450 km) in times comparable to those of internal-combustion vehicles, stops included.






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