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The New ZOE illustrates how an electric car can improve both performance and ease of use, for even more driving pleasure. Today, it is the benchmark versatile electric city car, without compromise.

The launch in 2019 of the New ZOE, the third generation of the flagship vehicle of the electric range, represents an important step in the Groupe Renault’s strategy for the development of electric vehicles on a large scale. Seven years after the birth of a pioneer that has become the best-selling electric city car in Europe, the New ZOE is changing dimension in terms of versatility, quality and technology. Designed and manufactured in France, it benefits from the expertise of Europe’s electric pioneer.

In addition to the intrinsic charms of electric driving, it features a more powerful engine, a new driving mode that is particularly well suited to city driving, and numerous driving aids dedicated to comfort and safety.



The New ZOE has a 52 kWh Z.E. 50 battery that extends its range up to 395 kilometers in the WLTP* cycle.

*WLTP: Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedures. The standardized WLTP cycle consists of 57% urban trips, 25% suburban trips and 18% highway trips.


The New ZOE benefits from the most extensive versatility on charging stations available in Europe thanks to its Cameleon charger, which enables it to get the maximum power from each AC station up to 22 kW. To this potential is added that of the CCS Combo socket for DC recharging up to 50 kW.


The New ZOE has a high-performance engine with a power output of 100 kW (equivalent to 135 hp in a combustion engine). The New ZOE goes from 80 to 120 km/h in just 7.1 seconds, 2.2 seconds less than the previous generation. This makes inserting and overtaking easier!

Driving modes

The New ZOE offers a new driving mode that simplifies city driving. Called “B Mode”, it offers more or less pronounced deceleration depending on how much pressure is released on the accelerator pedal, resulting in reduced use of the brake pedal.


The New ZOE benefits from the Renault CONNECT offer, the gateway to all Renault connected services. This offer includes the MY Renault app to manage your vehicle remotely from your smartphone, and the Renault EASY LINK multimedia system, which gives you access to a whole range of functions from the car’s touch screen.


The soft shapes of the previous generation are now combined with a much more assertive design that puts the car on the road and gives it more seating space. On the completely redesigned front end, the contours of the sculpted hood converge into an enlarged, upright diamond shape that opens onto the recharging hatch. The New ZOE asserts itself and wears the colors of the electric car with a high degree of distinction, as shown by the blue border around the diamonds of the Renault logos.





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