5 must-have apps when you’re going electric

Published by on 06.22.2018 - 3 min

Going electric also means getting access to Renault’s Renault CONNECT world of online services, designed to simplify drivers’ lives, from finding a charging station, to controlling your car remotely. Summary of what you can do with these 5 must-have apps.

App #1

My Z.E.

Stay connected to your electric car

With your computer or smartphone, the interactive interface My Z.E. lets you keep in touch with your electric vehicle at all times. At any time, use this app to check your remaining battery life or charge status and to get practical tips to better enjoy your car. You can also remotely start a charge cycle or heat up the car so that it’s ready to go when you arrive.


Application My Z.E. Online

App #2

Z.E. Trip

Quickly find a charging station

Z.E. Trip is your partner for long journeys, a navigational assistant that’s integrated to the car’s R-Link navigation system. What does it do? It locates and selects, in a few seconds, charging stations that are closest to your current route. It also lets you know the number of available stations in real time, as well as filter results by power mode, time slot availability or possible recharge cost. One you’ve picked your station, the integrated navigation system does the rest.

App #3

Z.E. Pass

Make it easy to pay for your charge

Z.E. Pass takes these search functions to the next level, a must-have for your longer trips: use the app and synced card to pay upon charging. Compatible with networks in France and several other European countries. With Z.E. Pass, you no longer need to have multiple accounts with various charging stations: you only need one card. The flexible offer is great for families just as well as companies since it allows you to manage several vehicles via the same account.

App #4

Z.E. Smart Charge

Lower your charging costs

Z.E. Smart Charge, already available in the Netherlands, analyses and optimises charging by taking in account consumption throughout the network. What does this mean in practice? Simply programme your desired charging start time and the battery level that you need to continue onwards. Charging is triggered when electricity production exceeds demand, such as when renewable energy sources kick in. You’ll therefore benefit from optimised costs, all the while minimising the impact of your charge on the entire network.


Z.E. Smart Charge

App #5

Z.E. Explore

A beginner's guide to going electric

If you haven’t yet gone electric, try out Z.E. Explore. This app is a fun way to discover the various practical aspects of the daily life of an electric vehicle driver. Thanks to its built-in trip calculator, you can simulate your daily trips in terms of driving range, fuel consumption and CO² emissions: get ready to forget everything you thought you knew about the electric car!